Monday, February 7, 2011

more FUN fries?

I was at McD yesterday for lunch. Had a set of my favorite Double Cheese Burger. So satisfying. :)~

As i was enjoying the burger, i noticed that there's some people who poured out all their fries on the tray. To me it's a bit messy ( berselerak macam makanan ayam jerr. ;p ).

Do you think that is the more fun and yummy way to eat fries?
Do you eat that way as well?
Or you are like me, pick one by one from the cup?


  1. am the one who pick 1 by 1 from the cup too.
    but i also wondered y ppl tend to pour the fries to the tray.
    mayb sometime the fries very hot, need to cold down?

  2. i pour! :D remembered last time in secondary school after tuition, mum would bring us there and we'd have 3 sets of meals with 3 cups of fries. so what else? we were eating makanan ayam lor.

  3. i always pour out all the fries onto the tray one woh, feel more 豪氣 mah.. pick up one by one from the packaging quite troublesome mah.. :p

  4. oh... i like to pour out all on the tray... all ppl's pour together so i can eat more~ muahahahha

  5. i pour~ but some ppl even more extreme, they pour then they use tissue and press the fries to absorb the oil. -__-

  6. I pour too~!
    then i will add Black Pepper~!
    it's troublesome to pick one by one from the cup, keke....

  7. It has been ages since I ate McD french fries... I do not pour it out.

  8. eunice .. huh? i tot fries is nicer when it is hot? not meh?

    bong .. no la.. even if macam ayam.. i'm sure u r a vogiu ;p

    sk .. wah.. so 豪氣.. me more 小家 ;p

  9. l .. err.. normally i eat alone lorr.. so won't create that mountain of fries moment ;p

    vincent .. press oil? might as well soak it in water to wash the oil ;p

  10. keo.. some of my friends add black pepper as well.. nicer meh?

    william .. y? not a McD fans huh?


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