Saturday, February 5, 2011

say it right :)

Some people like " 恭喜發財 " , cos getting rich is the ultimate aim every year.

Some like " 青春美麗 ", cos looking great is the most important thing is the whole life. ( am partly in this category ;p )

But i like " 心想事成 " the most. Cos i think this is the most complete wishes of all ( semua dalam satu ). Save time and can get everything that you want. ( Talk about efficiency ;p )

So if you see me during CNY, no need to say the whole bunch of wishes. Just a simple " 心想事成 " will do :)

Big Mouth would like to wish everyone ...

Or you actually got other preference?


  1. i like 心想事成 too... wan all my dreams come trueeee ":P

  2. Danny ..... Wish you 心想事成 ........ :)

  3. oh yeah i definitely like 心想事成, 想嗰樣得嗰樣~~

  4. I have no preference really, as long as it comes true!

  5. i welcome all good wishes irrespective of the words used :)

    Gong xi fa cai

  6. 新年快乐喔..当然,心想事成

  7. Want everything... Can?

  8. bong .. okok .. wish us all dreams come true.. okok? :)

    anonymous .. kamsia kamsia.. same to u :)

    sk .. never thought that so many ppl like this instead of GXFC :)

  9. william .. actually me too.. as long as it's not wishing me a FAT ;p

    bengbeng.. ya la.. just personal preference ...happy new year to u too :)

  10. karen .. kamsia kamsia.. wish u n mr teh.. all dreams come true and sweet sweet honey honey la :)

    tz .. can? tqvm :))

  11. ian .. kamsia kamsia... u too ;)


Good comment makes me happy.. bad comment get my attention ;)