Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Running Potato

Ever since CNY, my daily life can be summarized by using only 2 words : COUCH POTATO. No wonder my body oso more and more like potato ;(

Not much VM job to do since CNY. It will be the low season for VM till end April. Luckily i still got the classes to do. Or else sure i die boredom

Last Friday, nothing to do. Gatal. Went jogging for an hour ( cos really cannot tahan the shape of my body liao ;p ). Never jogged like that before in my life, but was worth it. Cos the ' permandangan sepanjang jalan' was quite nice. LOL ;p

The next day, my kaki macam nak tercabut. Naik pentas pun susah. Members laughed at me. Damn. ;(

Went jogging again today. Hopefully it will be ok tomorrow. 2 classes, and i'm going to do the song that i played over and over again these few days ~ BORN THIS WAY by my sister GAGA. :p

I think this is the 'most normal' song with positive message from GAGA so far and i'm loving it! Fast fast go listen and let me know how you feel. :)


  1. I pun suka 'pemandangan cantik'! :P

  2. william .. haha.. never tot that it would be so nice if i never go jogging lo ;p

  3. XD i listen already live from the grammys (of coz to tv la) very normal indeed

  4. hahaha. sorry to say lor.. i'm begining to not like her jor. :P

  5. anthony .. normal but with very positive message .. mayeb the 2nd hit song will be more GAGAish ;p

    bong .. y lerr y lerr? meaning u start to not like me oso? ;p

  6. Usually just sit and watch the pemandangan cantik - rather than jog haha!

  7. savante .. huh? i wish i can do like that lah .. but i need to sweat more to burn fat lerr..


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