Sunday, February 13, 2011


Tomorrow is the day when people LOVE and HATE at the same time. Couples will love it and singles hate it. But for a non-romantic person like me, it's just another day. ;p

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. :)

By the way, which of the following you think is the LAMEst VDay gift?
a) Teddy bear

b) Heart shape chocolate

c) Rose bouquet

d) Rose bouquet with chocolate and teddy bear?

One more thing, i hope that our florist ( most of them ) can spend more time study and improve their bouquet wrapping style. Cos from my observation, 70% of the flower bouquets in the market are being presented with horrible wrapping/packaging. They always add a few layers of colorful wrapper to make it bigger. But to me, they just made the bouquet looks cheaper. Don't they know that LESS is MORE?

You agree with me?


  1. I think girls have less expectations in a bouquet of flowers... they just feel lucky to even receive one!

  2. this day has been made so commercialised and i guess people celebrate it because of the sake of celebrating.. i thought everyday should be valentine's day for valentines??

    flowers and chocolates, lame presents for all occassions~~ :p

  3. Not a fan of this holiday, Happy V Day to u!

  4. Hey, these are not LAME gifts!! It is nice to have someone taking the trouble to give you any of these to show they care, but I prefer DIAMOND and PERFUME though, haha...

    By the way, my son won the "Write about a romantic experience/moment in Sunway Pyramid" contest, he got a RM500 Tomei voucher among other things, and of course the voucher goes to ME!! That's his Valentine gift for me ^___^

  5. i like flower & chocolate but not teddy bear...

  6. i think these gifts can only exist for the puppy-lovers XD

  7. william .. got flower better than no flower horr? can show off oso ;p

    sk .. totally agree.. everyday should be valentine's day.. :)

    ian .. same here... happy v day to u too :)

  8. jade .. wah.. totally worth lending ur car to ur son rite? can get things in return ;p

    shin .. since u r now married.. u should aim for more ;p

  9. anthony .. i think so la.. cos as the couple grows.. they will slowly buy electronic stuff for their ;p

    ziyang .. lame horr? ;p


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