Thursday, February 10, 2011

Me vs Mdm Kuan

One of my friend complained on my attitude.

" Why must you be so Bitchy? So Stubborn? Calculative and Anti-Social?
Why can't you be more nicer and better person; like Mdm Kuan ~ Maha Penyayang, Maha Pengasih, Maha Pengampun, blah blah blah ..." ( .. can't remember what else he said ;p )

After he finished his long lecture, i turned to him and said :

( If i am as good as Mdm Kuan, i won't be sitting here. You'll see me on praying table. ;p )

( picture taken at Macau, 2005 )


  1. Mdm Kuan?! ROTFL. I think she would just geleng kepala. :P

  2. So thin in 2005!!!!!!!!!!

  3. and Kuan jie-jie always say yes, look at her mudra hand, she says, 'ok'.

  4. y looked so slim!!!!!! @.@

  5. Eh, she never got married! :P

  6. only your laser mouth is bitchy lah, but your heart is definitely as beautiful as Ms Kuan~~ :p

  7. love the way u answered him "If i am as good as Mdm Kuan, i won't be sitting here. You'll see me on praying table." haahaa

  8. william .. she 'no eye see' on me long long time ago ;p

    keo .. ehh.. what u mean by that? want me to 'open year' for u issit? ;p

    justin .. ya lor.. thats a very positive thing.. everything will be ok :)

  9. bong .. u another one.. last time no money to eat ma.. ;p

    ant .. and ur point is?

  10. sk .. yerr. u say until like that, i oso paiseh..cos i'm actually bitchy in and ;p

    ad .. thats what i felt ma... ;p just try to be myself :)


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