Monday, February 14, 2011

sorry for making you smile ...

There's this girl in my class who always have a very serious facial expression. One day, in the middle of the class, i told her to smile while dancing. So that she can relax and enjoy more. And she did, she smiled for me ... and i finally know why so never smile in the class ...

I felt sorry for her ;p

You know, some people were born to look better when they are not smiling. I am one of them. cos when i smile, my face will blush and i'll show my whole set of teeth and my super big gum. ;p

Can you smile?


  1. i like to act COOL in stead of SMILE .......... :) happy valentine's day DANNY !(^_*)

  2. I look fierce when conducting my class, sigh... I need to change that, face expression need to soften. How ar??

  3. Happy V day Danny! Smile always!

  4. You are so mean!!! Whoever says 'Don't judge a book by it's cover'?

    Well, back to 'SMILE" -- I guess when someone is in love or he/she or their beloved ones had achieved something great, joy will inadvertently filters through their veins and seeps through their pores and brings forth a smile that will brightened up even the plainest looking face, and that is the most beautiful smile of all.

    Do I smile? Yes! I smile from the bottom of my heart, I grin from ear to ear, I smile for the camera, I smile for no reasons, I smile when I read your blog....... (So long winded la...) ~__~

  5. Has anyone told you that you look your shyest when you smile?

  6. i always look better when i smile lor, so i'm always very generous to throw a smile~~ :)

  7. anonymous .. i dun hv to act cool.. cos my face is oledi very fierce ;p

    paul .. u ask me how to soften the facial expression ahh? i oso still looking for a solution lerrr..

    william ... i think so .. when they need something from you ;p

  8. ian .. happy vday .. will try.. u too ;)

    jade .. no lerr.. i oledi flipped the pages then onli i make conclusion lerrr ;p she look more sad when she smile ;(

  9. ant .. shy? me shy? i think i tend to smile more when i am uncomfortable ;p

    sk .. u look harmless with or without smiling la.. ;p


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