Thursday, February 17, 2011


I was doing my business ( big one ;p ) it the gym's toilet when suddenly a loud ringtone ( boom boom pow.... boom boom pow... ) came from the next cubicle ... make people terkejut & terkecut only. The guy answered the phone. He then talk and talk and talk for about 5 minutes. And there i was, forced to listen to his conversation.

Don't you think it's a bit rude to talk in the toilet? Huuhh.. nak 'close deal' dengan peacefully pun tak boleh. ;p

Will you answer call while in toilet?
I won't ... normally i will silent it so that it won't ring at all. ;p


  1. nothing wrong with that wat... :P though i usually dont bring my handphone to the toilet at all. hahahaha

  2. I think the echo inside is a dead giveaway.

  3. I'll try not to answer, coz they'll know I'm in the toilet due to the slight echo.

    I facebook though lolz

  4. my phone is on silent mode in most of the time, so it will not be a prob for me

    but still i will answer it if its a family call , in case its an emergency XD

  5. i wont bring my phone along when i doing big business ..... i scare it drop into the toilet bowl .... :)

  6. I guess it's kind of funny to chat on the phone while doing you business, but well, this is a multi-tasking world, but I don't multi-task, haha...

    Once when I was using the gym toilet, a lady 2 doors away was sobbing and wailing while talking loudly into her phone. I can't help not to eavesdrop, right? It seems that her husband was belittling her look and the way she dresses, saying she brings shame to him. I actually felt sorry for her, why should one wash their dirty clothing in public? Not wanting to embarrass her further,I did not wait for her to come out.

  7. i don't like talking in the toilet too, it's so inconvenient!! so better still, don't bring along your phone~~ :)

  8. bong .. nothing wrong? can u concentrate while talking on the phone? ;p

    william .. ya la.. if i heard echo from the ppl on the other line.. i sure will ask where is him ;p

    anton .. very malu kan? if ppl know u r talking to them while dealing with other issue ;p

  9. anthony .. even family oso i dun think i will answer at that very moment lo..

    anonymous .. ya worr ya worr.. it will be more malu if ask ppl to help ' kiap' the p from toilet bowl ;p

  10. jade .. if i'm u, i'll feel sorry for her as well.. but will still wait and see who is the ;p

    sk .. i only bring phone in toilet when i'm outside.. but definitely will make it silent :)


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