Monday, September 6, 2010


What will you do if you ask me :
" Where is Plaza Damansara? "

And i answer :
" Damansara. "

Don't you feel like slapping me?
That's what happened to me when i was meeting up with my client. Luckily she is my client, if not sure kena laser by me liao!!! But come to think of it, it's NOT her fault? Cos "TECHNICALLY" she did answer my question. Maybe i'm the one who should ask more specific question next time kan? ;p

Fresh from the oven...新鮮滾熱辣...
I went for my haircut today and over heard the conversation ( in Cantonese ) between a walk-in customer and the receptionist :

Customer : 洗同埋吹點charge啊?
How much you charge ahh? Cut and blow.

Receptionist : 愛吹咩?(她應該是要問 “吹怎樣的髮形“。)
Blow what? ( I think she meant "how you want to blow/style your hair" )

Customer : 頭髮啦。
My hair lah.

The receptionist face turned blue, and mine turned red, trying my best not to laugh. LOL ;p


  1. LOL!
    i have a friend
    me : 你刚刚在做么?
    him : 吃饭
    me : 吃什么?
    him : 饭

  2. 你总是会遇见那么多怪事怪人的!

  3. Heard from my friend~
    A student meets his tuition teacher at the food court...
    "Ms Lim, eating rice ah?"
    "No, I am eating shit"


  4. my friend ordered :

    雪茶吾要雪 ...

    i want to suicide then kill him !

  5. kokhua .. this is a good one.. i was laughing when i read it ;p

    bong .. bohpien lorr.. fei ppl always bump in to fei ppl.. lol ;p u think u fei?

    single .. cos they know i need lots of inspirations to write blog.. so they came to me ;p

  6. william .. that one tak kira lah.. cos he/she purposely answer that way to irritate one ;p i'm talking about the natural ones ;)

    eric .. now now.. i know u r very excited to hear the word blow.. but not that lo ;p

    duncan .. same thing as wanton soup dun want soup lo? hahaha ;p

  7. blow his stupid brains to smithereens lolz

  8. haha....she did it on purpose maybe,,,=P


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