Sunday, September 5, 2010

leave a message :)

Being an anti-social person, it's kinda hard for me to communicate with other human beings, especially strangers. But i think it's even harder for me to talk to a non-human ... the answering machine / voicemail ! Cos i feel a bit weird and stupid talking to that machine.

Not only that you only have limited time to say what you want to say. And it's worse if you said something wrong, you can't take it back or redo!!! But the thing that i hated most is there WON'T be any responses when you talk. So normally when i was directed to voicemail, i'll just hang up and call back.

But sometimes it's very interesting to listen to people's voice messages, especially when they thought the have hung up.. but they're not. You can hear them singing, talking to others, guess their location and sometimes discover something about them. :P

I know it's a waste of money, but it's just another form of self-entertaining.
Don't you think so?
Do you do that as well?
Or you just delete that so-called empty message?


p/s : do u like my new song? ada annoying? hey na na ;p


  1. I haven't gotten that kind of voicemail before, but I did get accidental calls from other people, where they didn't realize they were calling (because of unlocked keypad).

  2. I used to have voicemail service for my mobile phone many years ago, some voicemails that I wanted to keep had lost when I changed my mobile number... :(
    How I wished there was a software for me to save them in my computer...

  3. I would not leave voicemail and would not check (I disable my voicemail anyway). If I wanted to leave a message, I would send an SMS.

  4. i never leave any voicemail, nor did i ever checked mine. because i dunno how to. LOL

  5. 我不会留言的,不懂的对着空气说话。

  6. legolas .. so do u call them back to tell them that about that?

    yaz .. i'm not a gadget genius.. but dun b surprise if there's actually a software for it.. just ask around la.. since u now so ;p

    william .. yeah.. i think i will sms if only its important..

  7. bong .. dunno how? meaning that u might hv some super important voicemails that u r not aware of? what if ppl call to inform u that u won something else? lol ;p

    single .. me too me too.. a bit bodoh kan? talk talk talk n no response ;p

  8. My experience is that peeps hardly leave voice messages these days. They juz send an sms.

    Have a wonderful new week. ^_^

  9. Happy Monday ^^

    I don't leave voice mails but do like to listen to them!

  10. ant .. thats me lo.. but i oso quite lazy to sms.. prefer talk :)

    jessyca .. then it must b from someone special huh? ;p

  11. I never hear my voicemail and my mum loves to leave long messages! Gah!


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