Monday, September 27, 2010


I was talking to a few members in front of the studio after the class. Then we saw a guy passed by proudly in front of us with a Birkin bag on his hand, which i believe it's his 'gym bag'.

So we started to comment ...

Member A : Yerrr.. so rich.
Member B : Ceh ... show off.
Me : Wah ... need like that meh?

From the above comments, my conclusions are :

Member A is ... ENVY.
Member B is ... JEALOUS.

And me?
I dunno, i dun really care.
Cos i dun fancy branded stuff anyway.
But a Birkin bag to gym, to carry sweaty shirt ?

Seriously, you think ... NEED MEH?

( Just in case you dunno what is a Birkin bag, refer to the pic which Gaga sampat-ly conteng on it. ;p )


  1. 人家开心就好,我才不管他们是否拿名牌。

  2. aiyo.. gaga, need meh??
    so "sam tong" to see tat..

  3. i really dunno what's a Birkin bag, so he wouldn't even have caught my attention at all..

  4. 只要有个人特色,不需名牌,拿红白蓝胶袋都可以大摇大摆,招摇过市~

    c u with 红白蓝胶袋 during our nx hang out. haha.

  5. er, what's a Birkin bag?

  6. 你的朋友要去巴黎买Balenciaga 喔!

  7. I know how you feel, exactly! =P

  8. Nowadays you don't need branded bag... just take a practical environment friendliness tote bag.

    In case someone don't know what kind of bag... just visit Tesco, carrefour on Saturday in Selangor state.

  9. The difference is, he paid a small fortune to carry that bag, and Gaga was most probably paid a small fortune to carry that bag. :P

  10. The bag in the picture looks like a normal bag to me... Don't know how to appreciate, hahaha.

  11. guy with a birkin? another queenie i suppose. Did his bums sway as she/he walked?

  12. single .. i just thought that it's not necessary lo.. and it's not practical :)

    twilight .. me humble? sure or not? ;p

    eunice .. nvm la.. gaga can do whatever she wants.. cos she is GAGA ;)

  13. sk .. maybe he will get ur attention if he fold his sleeve like me horr? LOL ;p

    wayne .. agree agree.. y not we set a date, somewhere 14/10.. 3 of us bring that bag and go jalan-jalan..mau? :))

    bong .. a very expensive bag from Hermes lo.. :)

  14. yaz .. i'm not surprise lor.. cos he is such a 名牌精.. but it's his money.. so i dun care ;p

    kokhua .. rite? we must know what to bring and wear to the occasion kan? :)

    tz .. i nvr have any branded bag lo.. cos i am a rough user... my bag sure koyak very soon..;p

  15. william .. sorry for my blurrness.. but what is the differences huh?

    legolas .. i was in fashion line... so i am more alert to those fashion items guarr.. :)) it's really not cheap :)

    ant .. of cos la.. he practically did the catwalk at the ;p

  16. Her bag was most probably sponsored!

  17. william .. but i dun think that guy's is oso sponsored la ;p


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