Thursday, September 30, 2010

shake it Danny, shake it !

( FYI, this is a monthly Big Mouth's 'syok sendiri' post ... for your swearing pleasure. ;p )

As an instructor, we always get feedbacks or comments from the members. Some we like, and some we don't. But this is the one that i received yesterday ...

After the Latin class, 2 'tudung' girl ( which i think are 1st timer ) came to me :

Me : Hey you two. Thanks for trying and staying ya. Good job. Next time jangan malu-malu, buat aje, ok?

Girl : Haha. I am very the kayu, but i like your class very much. Especially when you shake your body and bontot. Hahahaha..

Me : Huh? ( A bit shy and dunno how to react...;p )

Girl : Yalah, my friend ask me to join cos she said you always teach the shaking steps and it's sangat sexy. That's why i join la.

Me : Err ... well in that case, thank you very much and keep on shaking ya? Haha ... ( Quickly walk away, cos i can feel that my face is blushing already ... ;p )

I think God is very fair. I don't have a super nice and rounded bontot, but have the ability to shake my FLAT ASS and make it sexy. And i am super proud of myself. ;)

Anybody wants a booty-shake battle? LOL....
(OK OK, i know that's a bit over liao .. must be humble ...;p )

( For the record, i dun wear leggings to class. But i wish to have a slightly fuller butt than what i have now. ;p )

So? 你要不要也順便誇獎我,給我爽一下下? ;p


  1. *visualizes Danny in leggings* EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  2. 你的人缘很好,你会赚钱。

  3. yay! shake it shake it! :P

  4. lol that's such a compliment. You must tell them 'not everyone can shake like me'..haha

  5. Dude, need to attend your class and shake with you only can compliment... so when is your next class :p

  6. I guess I have to join your class and let you laugh a bit. :P

    I am REALLY BAD shaking my chest or butt!

  7. That's a money making butt!

  8. after i read your conversation....

    i laugh non stop ...
    OMG...funny la Bro ...

    anyway, tahnks for make my boring working hour have some fun !

  9. LOL... So you had 2 penguins shaking asses! You can teach at the SeaWorld now.

  10. although u said urself got so many salah things on u.. (i dunno cause i never see u in real person), but i still think tat u sangat betul la.. hahaha..

    ps: i wanna see u wear legging!! ^^

  11. 很羡慕你的律动感啦!我除了不能唱,也不能跳,所以我有你没有的长腿啦!公平公平!!

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  13. ant .. dun worry.. i won;t want to scare away all my members oso...;p

    single .. huh? good relationship and earn money got direct connection one ahh? no wonder i'm still so broke ;p

    bong .. i'm asking u for the 'n' time : bila mau join? ;p

  14. AD .. i won't tell them directly la.. but of cos diam diam dalam hati.. i am floating...wanna try my class? .lol ;p

    tz .. u another one.. always asking but no joining...;p

    matthew .. huh? my conversation very funny meh? i tot it's very, welcome :))

  15. william .. dun wnat la.. later terlalu syok shaking.. the pads got dislocated how? malulah .. bontot berkeliaran lol ;p

    freedom .. just let me know when u want to join.. i'll bring u in :)

    legolas .. i always thought that my big mouth is my only asset.. tak sangka my butt oso got sounds so salah ;p

  16. twilight .. seaworld? u mean teach or do show? ;p

    eunice .. i tried leggings b4.. trust me.... TAK CANTIK ;p

    yaz .. my mission is to teach u balancing
    ( am totally ignoring the long legs statement ;p )


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