Sunday, September 19, 2010

" Whatever will be ...

... will be. The damage has been done. Cheer up, no point being so harsh to yourself. "

That's what everyone told me lately. Maybe they are right. Cos i know, the issue will still be there, whether i am happy or not. Maybe i am just sabotaging my own feelings by refusing it to feel happy. Therefore i will try to treat myself better. Hopefully the bitchy me will be back real soon.

But i will still pray everyday, with the hope that everything will turn out fine.



  1. You make me worried by not letting me know what happens. :(

    Really hope you will be fine. I am always here for you!

  2. oh dik sorry to hear about your dilema.. though i know nothing about what's happened, hope you'll get through it soon and back with the bitchiest vogue again~~ :)

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  4. 一日天仲未Lam,都仲有得念!

  5. Miss the BItchy vogIU you~! cheer up~!

  6. u really make all ur friends worry bout u ..... disappear almost 1 week ... ! glad tat finally u back on track ..... ! + u ! v all still pray for u everyday ..... cheer up !

  7. hey u, i almost wan to make police report since u been gone for so loooong... haha.. see so many ppl here r so caring about u...
    so no big deal alright.. everything is ok.. =D

  8. Take your time to recover. Sometimes we need to rest or hideaway to recharge our energy :)

  9. Keep you chin up! Hope you'll be fine soon.

  10. my good wishes be with u...

  11. Now you must be having UV! (Uncle Visit)... LOL

  12. freedom .. thanks .. i shld be ok.. hopefully ok :) no worries :))

    sk .. yeah, i miss the bitchy me too.. must fast fast get it back kan? ;p

    duncan .. i know.. it sounds a bit tak logik.. but its really LOGIC :)

  13. keo .. tak sangka ppl will miss my bitchiness... maybe i should have it 'trademarked' ;p

    sexy .. sori for the worries.. just need some time to sit down and think on the issue :)

    eunice .. report police? u horr.. really a big drama queen ;p

  14. michi .. i just try not to think too much on the issue.. cos life goes on kan? :)

    legolas .. i always kept my chin up.. if not the double chin will ;p

    bong .. kamsia :)

    twilight .. ya lo.. 33 years uncle tak pernah come visit.. sekali visit brought me huge PRESENT ;p


Good comment makes me happy.. bad comment get my attention ;)