Sunday, September 26, 2010


All the while i can feel some pain at my shoulder and back. So one of my friend recommend to go for traditional Chinese massage ( 推拿 ). Normally we won't say anything to them, let them tell us what is our problem... just to test if they are really good lah.

It was my 1st session. He started from my head.. OK.. then shoulder, a bit tight.. OK.. then to the back and waist.. Suddenly he stopped and said :

" 你這老妖啊,要小心。"

I was a bit blurr and shocked :

" 老妖?你要醬講話咩?"

Then only i found out that he was talking about my waist( 腰 x 妖 ). Luckily i didn't do any stupid reactions on that comment. If not sure have to dig big hole to jump in liao. LOL ;p

( sorry if you can't understand Chinese, cos it's a bit difficult to explain in English ;p )

Ever heard of the phrase ...
" You are what you read", or
" You are what you eat" ?

What about ...
" You are what you HEARD"? LOL ;p


  1. I'm definitely what you eat! And we are really same family - me also lou-yiu, and fei-yiu :p

    take care, or maybe we should go together? where's your doc?

    xx get well soon, and the jet setter have left yea?

    oh ya, thanks mr. santa for the SOS!

  2. 呢啲咪叫做講者冇心聽者有意, 崩口人忌崩口碗囉~~ :D

  3. Kaneeneh! I dunno what you wrote in chinese. I will ask SK Thamby to translate la.

  4. That was a potential beginning of a misunderstanding. But you kept your cool.

  5. winni .. we are the 'yiu' family ma... my doc in cehras wor... jetsetter, santa.. so many nicknames horrr? ;p

    sk .. i totally like it.. "崩口人忌崩口碗".. wait a minute.. u talking about me ahh? lol ;p

    tagnan .. 都說他是一鳴驚人的啦。無聲無聲嚇你一驚!!!how's ur bday celebration? :)

  6. twilight .. yerr.. need to curse like that meh? i've already tried to write in chi n eng liao.. but this one really cannot translate in eng la :)

    bong .. it's shocking at first.. but very funny then.. trying so hard not to laugh while massage my ;p

    legolas .. probably cos i dunno him yet.. if he is my friend.. sure kena laser liao ;p

  7. paul .. nothing to do while he massage me ma.. ;p

    justin .. err.. fyi, my chinese oso got a bit sendirian berhad lo... too deep punye word tak faham ;p

  8. 柳腰蓮臉-腰如柳,臉如蓮;意思貌美身材好。


    it means good body figure and good looking, may be the masseur using the word ‘柳腰’ instead of directly say 'your waist'.

  9. justin .. wah.. u so poetic one? i m very sure that he is talking about my old waist lo.. cos he said i'm in my 30s but my waist like 50's ...;(


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