Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I "unintentionally" ( sumpah !!! ) mislead/ lied to someone about my age a month ago. Not going to elaborate on the details here. And i felt so guilty about it. I'm actually think that maybe i should confess.

So how are you going to react if say ...
" i met you in August and told you that i am 30 years old. And when we meet again in September, i told you that i just celebrated my birthday ... and i am now 33 years old? "

Do you think it's acceptable?
Should i confess to avoid any humiliation in the future?
Or maybe i should just keep quiet?


  1. aiya... no need to confess la...
    just sau u said 33 lo, not 30, he must've forgotten...

  2. nothing to worry about....just be loud and proud... :)

  3. 算了吧,可能他都没有记在心上。

  4. no need to be confess !jz let it be ! just a small matter , it's not a big deal ! ppl wouldn't care bout u lie for ur age ! :)

    if he ask u tat y u lie at him bout ur age!then jz tell him tat u were telling him tat u r 33 yrs old in august n sept !:) pandai pandai pusing laaaa

  5. bong .. i dun think he'll buy that lo.. cos asked me a few times to confirm that i am ;p

    AD .. i am proud to be 33.. but just felt bad on the incident ;p

  6. single .. hopefully la.. cos if not ver paiseh one lerr.. if he find out ;p

    sexy .. wow.. kena pandai pusing horr? must earn how liao...;p

  7. this is another thing that i dont understand among us.... who would one wanna lie abt age?
    i seriously jit sau em dou lorr

  8. paul .. i am very proud of being 33.. i put terang-terang at my profile.. just that time got some complication that i have to ;p

  9. Just treat it as a slip of the tongue. :P

  10. whats the difference??!?!
    age never matters....gorgeuosness does!:p

  11. Dude, What is the difference between 30 and 33.

  12. william .. slip of the tongue? i think thats exactly what happened ;p

    winni .. yerrr.. u always know what to say..and what i want to hear :))

    tz .. dunno worr.. but i definitely have no problem with 33 la.. dun want ppl think that i lied just to be younger ;(


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