Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Auntie 唔易做

I am so thankful that i have a bunch of high energy che-ches in my class. Although most of them are over their 40's, but they still dance and party like nobody's business. And sometimes surprises me with their knowledge ( i mean totally updated with the latest trend and music ).

I gave them a little preview on next week's dance after the class. I'm using ' Take it off ' by Kesha. To my surprise, one of the che-che was actually singing that song while i dance. OMG! So canggih! If you know that song, the chorus part is very Egyptian- inspired. So i did a bit of Egyptian move with some ' voguing ' ( vogue + ing = a dance move where you lipat-lipat your tangan ;p ). I thought that will impress them. Mana tau, another che-che came to me and commented :

" Danny, isn't that move from Jolin's ( 蔡依林﹣美人計 )latest MV? "

This time, i am totally speechless. UPDATED nyerrr.....
Can't wait to see them 'lipat sendiri' ( sounds so SALAH ~ 自己摺嘪 ) next week. LOL ;p
So you think you can LIPAT?

Now, who wants to play lipat-lipat?
p/s : the posted song is dedicated to all my che-ches and you out there. let's get sexy...;)~
pp/s : 看這些姐姐多麼的 up-to-date,那個連誰是‘阿密特‘都不知道的"小妹妹" ... 要好好反省囉。:P


  1. Yahor. My line-dancing crazy aunties shocked me by singing Gaga and Shakira's lyrics last week.

  2. omg...seems like im a very outdated young boy...>.<

  3. Booo! Keo and Danny outdated lah. Wsit and see how Grandma lipat sarong and kaki to the Gaga beat.

  4. Che che also very geng these days hor...

  5. undeniably nowaday aunties very updated 1 .... they like to wear teenage's fashion ! very the 潮爆 !! =)

  6. Do not ever underestimate the abilities of aunties. They are superwoman!

  7. may be i should learn from you how to plan choreography to suit music. can teach ah?

  8. Ant .. err.. when you day " my line dancing auntie..." are you saying that you join LINE DANCING as well ? i want to see :))

    Keo .. no la.. u just focus on things that you like only :))

    Twilight ... wow.. canggih nyerr.. can lipat kaki to Gaga's song... i oso can lipat baju, suratkhabar, meja n kerusi to any song ;p

  9. William .. not only geng but full of surprises.. and they always ask me to teach hip hop dance.. pengsan ;p

    Sexy .. just hope that i will be like them when i reach their age.. always young at heart... but not the clothing ;p

  10. Legolas .. i never under estimate them, especially those to join the class.. cos the have the fighter's attitude :)

    Justin .. yooo.. u r being too humble la.. i dare bit teach oso la.. me not very good only ;p

  11. i'm total no sense of rhythm so sometimes is difficult to plan my yoga class, i'm seeking help but nowhere to turn to. :x

  12. justin .. err.. yoga beat n dance beat very different wo.. dare not teach u la.. later all ur member patah kaki tangan cos wrong ;p

  13. i realise this....i read this lar...but didnt know you were talking about me! :p

    i will try to update myself...hopefully x

  14. winni .. we update together gether la :))


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