Wednesday, September 1, 2010

eewwww !!!

Went for the RM3.60 meal at Starhill with the guys yesterday. Ordered some recommended dishes.When they served the dishes, i was attracted to one of them. Something like the picture below :

Me : Eh, what is that? Looks like kuih lapis one?

Jovi : It's pig skin with something else ( can't remember what he said ). You should try it.

So i took a small bite. Err, it was soft and crunchy. The taste and texture is like nata de coco. I don't really like it, but still swallow lah ... don't want to waste it. Minutes later only i realized that it was actually not pig's skin but ...


Do you know what is this? ;p

I swear next time i'll just stick to my pork and the stomach. Nothing more than that. Don't want to be too adventurous with new dishes liao.:P

Do you eat other parts of Ms Piggie, besides the meat/ pork?

p/s : It's the 1st in my life trying 'that'. And also 1st time for me seeing people"HIGH". ( i mean in person, face to face ;p )


  1. Urrrm strange post indeed! :P

  2. that's their signature dish leh, haha, glad that you tried??

    i think that's pig ears stacked and compresssed, then thinly sliced to serve with the porridge.. :D

  3. ok thats really "eeewwwww"

  4. 华人差不多猪的全身都吃,你有反胃吗?

  5. That's very interesting layering. Emmmm... that looks like nice cartilage! XD

  6. ant .. strange? more like disturbed .. mentally n physically .;p

    sk .. no matter what they did with the ears.. the bottom line is.. its still EARS ;p

    ad .. rite? with the capital "E" ;p

  7. single .. no la.. but just felt a bit err.. dunno how to say la...

    william .. its nice when they make it using pink fur and put them on a hair band ;)

  8. should be a nice dish... :p

  9. Have you tried the kidney?

  10. tz .. yup, shld be nice .. but not for me :)

    legolas .. yup.. tried b4, when i was small.. but tried not to take any other part except the meat n stomach :)

  11. full of imagination hmm... :p

  12. anthony .. imagination?

  13. my other half lagi best...... since i like dessert so much, my other half give this dessert like soup. I was hummm nice smell, i pun whallap la. until it finish. Then my other half ask me, u know what u ate not....... its frog saliva...... i was like "WHAT!!!!!" my other half just smile aje.......
    i marah him and said aiyoo..... lain kali bgtau la..... he said, if he tell, sure i tak rasa punya. so how...... keji tak.......

  14. btw, best tak that ear...... kekekekeke does it taste like chicken too..... kekekekeke

    i can imagine ur face look like..... kekekekeke

  15. nas .. i know that dessert.. and i happneed to be liking ;p i think its more like frog's kelenjar liur...heheheh ;p

  16. I saw those kind of things selling a lot in Germany and Austria. It looks like layer cakes and for sure it taste sucks. They also serve on the top of bread like jam and some minched onions on top.

    As long as you went to the buchenschanks in Austria before you will have a chance to taste it. Come and visit me! Hahahha!!!

    Those pig ears pls don't show it on the blog again. It is giving me a goose bump! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! :p Hahahahhahahah!!!


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