Thursday, September 2, 2010


" ... Hello Mr Hwang. This is J calling from XXbank. Congratulations for being selected blah blah blah.. blah blah blah... So Mr Hwang, why not i send the copy of policy to you. Then you can have a look on it. After you know all the benefits that we are offering, i'm sure YOU WON'T FORGET ME, cos it's too good that you'll come back to look for me .. hahahahaha...."

Another call from tele-marketer, but this time i decided to let him finish cos :

a) He sounded DIVAish.. that's what i felt from the moment he speak. Quite entertaining to listen to his dramatic tone when explaining the benefits ( not sure if he was doing the facial expression at the same time la ;p )

b) I admire his confidence, " I WON'T FORGET HIM" worr.... how many of you dare to tell that to a stranger .. ?

OK, that's an exceptional case. Cos normally when i received calls from those telemarketers, i'll just tell them politely that i'm driving then hang up. What's your favorite excuse to hang up their calls?


  1. 我不需要贷款,没有用到。

  2. A telemarketer once described the basic features of a PA policy like it was some kind of magical feature. I was like, "So, what's new?".

  3. single .. normally i also politely tell them that i have most of the things that they offer :)

    william .. i totally hate those who talk bad thing on their competitor just to convince me that they are better :(

  4. hehehe i mistaken some calls as telemarketers, but who'd know, after the "I;m xxx from xxx, you won xxx",i really won wor. hahahahhaha

  5. bong .. at least they give u something... GIVE and OFFER is different lo...
    i want ppl call me to inform me about my winning too ;p

  6. I told them i'm not interested "Full Stop"... I don't have so much time to entertain these kind of call.

    Sorry for those telemarketer...

  7. tz .. i do that oso .. when they din get what i mean by " i'll let u know if i need it in future. thank you . "

  8. insurance is using telemarketing style lately :)

  9. I hate receive this kind of phone calls, normally i will juz ignore them n tell them i am not interested.

  10. l .. ur company too?

    chris .. i can imagine ur response :p


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