Tuesday, September 28, 2010

let's talk ...

We used to call my Geography teacher " Apa King" cos he likes to use/ask "Apa" when he is teaching. We counted, almost 200 times in a period of 40 minutes.
" Benua Asia adalah benua yang APA? ... terbesar di APA? ... bumi. " " Gunung Kinabalu adalah APA? gunung yang tertinggi di APA? Malaysia. "

Then i have a supplier who like to as me 'see' things. Cos he always end his sentence with "you see" ?
"This material is different on, you see? " " My charges is consider very cheap already, you see? "

And others, just like to swear when they are talking.
" FxxK lah, let's try that. " " that dress really nice lerr.. CB " " NIAMA, just now i saw one lengchai. "

Finally ... me. I like to use "OK" when i am teaching.
" everyone OK? " " step over then jump OK? and bring the arms to the front. OK? " " let's warm up, OK? "
Sometimes i feel like laughing every time i said OK. Dunno why, it just came out from my mouth naturally.

Do you have a specific style or word that you always use when you are talking?



  1. I dun have leh....
    But if i'm the one keep talking to others maybe i will keep asking "Blah Blah Blah......do you understand?" XD but i seldom keep talking de lar...lol

  2. remembered having a biology teacher who "urmmmmmed" so many times it got us students distracted, coz we ended up counting the number of "urms" every class and averaged it after a month. Practising our maths ie. min, medians? Hahahaha

  3. 你话嘞………………? 这是我的口头语!! =)

  4. haha...hermm luckily I don't have a particular word but I do have a particular style of saying which can be quite irritating..lolz

  5. "粗話不離口"的人, 嗯... 是不是暗示我啊? 哈哈... :p

  6. I don't think I have anything in particular...

  7. keo .. i think ' do u understand ' is quite a common thing that ppl say/ ask lor.. i think i got friends who like to use that as well :)

    ant .. same thing to us la.. counting the APAs.. then have to make report every time after that class LOL ;p

    sexy .. oo? this one sounds a bit bitchy horrr? welcome to the bitchy world :))

  8. A.D. particular style which can be quite irritating? let me guess.. divaish with over the top facial expressions? lol ;p

    chris .. got meh? got meh? where got? u sounded so sweet even when you curse....lol ;p

    legolas .. dun have or din realize yet? :))

  9. cute wat... ok this ok that everything pun ok. :D

  10. bong .. i dun want to look cute in the class.. i want to look professional ;p

  11. 看你的照片,都不像会讲粗口的人!

  12. single .. 人不可貌相;p i won;t simply swear inf ront of strangers one.. must jaga image a bit ma...;p

  13. CB! Niamah niamah!! .... were you talking about me actually?

  14. twilight .. where got? where got? u so niceeeee...lol ;p


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