Wednesday, March 21, 2012

mambo, cha-cha-cha.

I am currently teaching 3 types of classes in the gym :

~ Drums Alive ( drumming using fitball )
~ MTV dance ( dancing to pop sings MTV style )
~ Latin jam ( fusion Latin and Pop dance - NOT ballroom dancing )

And i got a slight issue on my Latin classes, as most of the members are of the matured group. I'm trying very hard to attract more young members to join. But whenever they heard of those mambo or cha-cha-cha thing, they'll just back off. cos 'it's too old for them', they thought.
I tried to make the class younger by using lots of Latin Pop songs ( Shakira, J Lo, Pitbull, etc ) also made the steps more fun, but still not  not getting any responses from them.

Any suggestions for me to get their attention?

I recently found this drama series " SMASH ". It's about a group of people trying to start a new musical based on Marilyn Monroe. Super awesome with the sexy songs and dance choreos. Please check it out. :)

p/s : i've posted a song "WEPA" that i used in my Latin class. Try listen to it. Is it too old?
pp/s : The 萬千星輝賀大嘴 contest is still on. fast fast write in your answer and slogan ok? :)


  1. Ohh!! This i can help. Basically. If you are doing cha cha, most of gaga's songs fit cha cha, adding the silent beat counts by yourself la.. Anyways, there are alot of current songs that can be used for cha cha. If im not wrong, jay sean's 2012 can be used for cha cha too... From my own counting la. lol. Can email me i can tolong! =P

    1. gaga's song? so far i know americano is suitable .. the rest.. dun think so.. UNLESS they are remixed to latin genre :)
      we try to use more obvious latin beats than pop songs.. cos dun want the members to confuse and mix up MTV with Latin :)
      whats ur email? maybe can get help from u :)

  2. Katharine Mcphee is in SMASH! :)

    1. yup.. and she's fantastic..
      ur her fan?

  3. Wepa, not nice.

    Perhaps you should try some oldies which have Latin beat to it.


    1. that's the thing.. i try not to use oldies.. cos young ones are totally not attracted to them..i'm trying to make the class younger... thats why i use newer songs with latin beat..

  4. Wow, saucy song, I can already visualise all the sexy moves.... Do you accept another oldie like me into your Latin class? Haha.... cos the way you wrote it, it's as if you only want YOUNG new comer, hmm... so age does matter!

    I know Latin jam is not meant for TF, but when I come back in May, can you include it in you Thursday class as well?

    1. ooo? so u r coming bk in may huh?
      no wonder u shock on the morning class .lol
      yup, sometimes i do latin cardio on thursday class ( when i hv no time to choreograph other songs..) hahahaha ;p

      c u soon :)

  5. in this moment, im no idea...but i will always support u....hehe

  6. My should have one class that doesn't have a specific genre. Well, during the class who knows what music you use. You could use whatever music you like and it is always "sure fun" once the participant is participating. Then from there they can choose the type of genre they want. Use names like "Tranquility Not" or "Heat the Beat" well names that are into the new age.
    Leo is quite right. Try using the well known songs" as it is proven to be favorite and people always are more comfortable with familiarity. Konon they know the song and they will be more daring, hence...enjoying the class. Xing is also quite right cause what is super old right now are new to the new born. It's in the trend and that's catchy. Well. Marilyn Monroe are in the picture now. Use songs from her era then.
    Wepa is not, not nice but it's very corny until i watch the mtv if not i thought it's an o;d song. Then again i have never heard it it's foreign.

    1. thanks for the suggestions :)
      but sadly, i can't change the name or format of the class.. hv to follow the standard with a bit of personal twist :)
      all i know is.. "latin" is considered old to the younger generations.. if use oldies in latin.. it will push them even further :(
      will try to look for those remixed oldies, so that they wont sound old :)

  7. Thanks all for the suggestions
    I don't want to look like keep giving excuse or not agreeing with some of the suggestions..
    I need to twist it a bit so that its more suitable for latin dance in a fitness centre, not dance studio :)


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