Sunday, March 25, 2012

your moment.

Sorry for the delay on announcing the winners. You know la, too many entries to choose ( padahal, tak lebih daripada 10 pun .. sob sob ;p ). 
Anyway, the total number of vogiufly in the pic is 57. So here's the list of winners with their answers and slogan/statement :

DTBM is Smashingly Vogiu that always make me laugh when i read his blog. No matter how stress he can be, he still keep the vogiuness that only DIVA status can do that. No!!!! this is not AirCond Level5 with lowest temperature compliment, but these are sincere in my heart coz I'm also admirer his Divaness. Altho sometime his Divaness a bit salah but what the hell.
Ok tak? kekekekekeke
( Note : i like the fact that he pandai-pandai go and add SMASHING in front of my/the VOGIU. ;p )

DTBM is.... (ene mine myne more)just ANNOYING!! This self proclaim diva not only want us to look hard at his so called vogiu photos (Did anyone realise he is a bit too old to be a cam whore")to count butterflies but to write something about him as well!! Just who does he think he is??
Well, you asked for it!
( Note : i like how she laser me, but i know deep down in her, she adores me...haahahahahahhaha ;p )

DTBM is vogiuly funny with his bitchy lame jokes. You are annoyingly memorable. Thank You for having this blog. It has always been a pleasure reading it.
( Note : i like how he kept it simple and straight to the point. just like how i laser people without wasting time for them to get ready ;p )


DTBM is bitchy bcos he wears long flare skirts, doesnt hug, a bird diva in his first commercial, even more diva cos going for 2 diva concerts, so sweet yet complain ants datang, speed and avoided accident yet still masih tidak berubah, trying to find his family tree by dreaming himself as ghetto and ultimately still denying the fact that he is young and cute... *rolleyes*..
how to tahan?!
( Note : i like how he summarized the key words from my previous entries with all the elements. you are young n cute and very the talented, from a tuls to another tuls. ;p )


Nas & Tuls, 
Please send your contact to
I'll pass the gift to you when i see u in class, ok?
Two Horns Child,
I'll contact you ( check you message ;p )

And now i shall do the shopping to buy the gifts. Please give me some time ya. :)
And for the rest of the people. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your participations and supports. Jasa budi anda akan dikenang selamanya. :)
And finally, stay VOGIU everyone :)


  1. Hahah...hmm.. Blush!! Sure. contact me in PR though as i am more frequent there. Anyway thanks and take your time, no rush. We could just have dinner so that you no need to waste time shopping.

    1. we'll definitely do dinner.. but i'm still going to get u a gift..
      y? dun trust my vogiu taste issit? lol ;p

  2. Oh well, that should give you more time to save up more to buy a lebih lumayan gift, right? Haha... Will be leaving for Perth day after tomorrow, see you in May :))

    1. enjoy ur trip n c u soon :)

  3. Just notice the time printed out is so wrong... It's 1045 hrs 27th March, as per real time clock in my computer!


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