Tuesday, March 23, 2010


In a few hours, "Danny : The Big Mouth" will be celebrating it's 2nd anniversary. ( Yay ..? ;p )

Just for you to know, it's not easy for me to maintain the blog. Sometimes i think it will be so much easier if i'm writing a FOOD blog, or TRAVEL blog, or EVENTS blog, or EMO blog, or the easiest ~ 'COPY & PASTE' blog. But i chose to have a BIG MOUTH style 'crappy blog'. And to make it harder, i'll have to make sure that whatever crap that i loaded, must have certain level of 'nutritious'. Not sure if you noticed that or ' absorbed ' any of them. But i definitely hope that you enjoy reading it. :)
Speech time ...
Thanks to Biaomei who inspired me to start blogging. Thanks to my sisters who hide this blog from my parents. Thanks to everyone who visited and commented .. be it good or bad or just being sarcastic. But who cares? I will still load whatever crap that i have here ... hopefully for a long long time.:)
And lastly , "Good job to myself :) "

* Above is totally what i felt about blogging, no offense to anybody. But i think, gosh ... indirectly i ter-laser other people... as usual.;p


在此也再次的祝那些不看好我會繼續寫blog的人 :'大富大貴'。

p/s : 邁進第三年,我也應該要開始新的生活了。。。


  1. Thank you for all the laughters you've given me. Stay fabulously perky ya! ^_^

  2. Happy Secondiversary! =) Keep up the good work on writing.. Will expect much more interesting post from you, probably an upgrade would be nice. It's a suggestion. =)

  3. nice to meet u too n thx for entertaining me ^^

  4. 你失踪很多天了,去游山玩水?

  5. “大富大贵"!好毒!我喜欢! LOL

  6. i read your post earlier, but hold on commenting, cos i wanted to wait till it's time.. and now, it's 24th March already.. HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY!!!

  7. believe me, you've been blogging very well with your own style.. and what is deem more successful than anything else, is that you are still keeping it up!! bravo dik~~

  8. ant .. my pleasure.. seriously.. cos u guys were enjoying while i was lasering ... truely my pleasure :))

    ian .. tqtq.. up grade? any suggestions? cos i might be too comfortable with current situation.. :))

    willai .. u bet i will.. just make sure that u won't b tired with it :))

  9. eunice .. nice knowing u too.. although we haven't officially met :))

    single .. no la.. just resting at home.. blanking my mind :)) glad to b back :)))

    freedom .. why laugh lerr? its honest from the bottom of my heart ;p LOL

  10. sk .. oo.. i always know u very got heart one..TQTQ :))

    sk ( again ) .. well, i just hope that my so called style won't keep people away from me.. cos not everyone as open as u guys :))

  11. happy birthday big mouth! :D

    so when's the celebration ah? :P

  12. 回来就好。。。。。加油!保佑我会保佑你!哈哈哈!

  13. happy 2nd anniversary :) continue and write and laser la~ go go go !!!

  14. bong .. what celebration? i dun party one la ..lol ;p

    保佑我 .. tqtq.. then can u make sure that i can get more jobs after this ?? :))

    l .. tqtq .. will try will try.. sometimes laser will go dry :)

  15. So fast 2nd anniversary de? Then how young you are wor?
    新的生活? I'm so curious on what is this referring to lo. Is it something what we spoken about? Update me a bit ok.

  16. juST Keep it up~i like ur big mouth style vry much.hehehe

  17. yee .. yup .. 2 years old.. got ang pow or not? ;p

    ky .. i am a proud 33 years old diva lo ;p what we discussed before? what update u want?

    sandra .. tqtq.. when u go 1 U again? i want to SMILE to u la....lol ;p

  18. 为什么有人会不看好你继续写blog?

  19. sleepypig .. wow.. i'm so touched. hope that my blog n the baby in the pic will grow big together la ;))

  20. You have been a unique blogger of the 3rd Kind!!! Congrats!

  21. twilight .. 3rd kind? which kind? and what is the 1st n 2nd kind? ;p


Good comment makes me happy.. bad comment get my attention ;)