Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Never knew that i am that offensive. I thought only my mouth is bitchy. I was wrong.

Just found out that most of the time, the way i look at people is quite OFFENSIVE ( without me realizing it ). And it is really shocking to me. To make the feeling worst, i got to know this from someone that is so close to me. I am speechless...

Don't ask me to wear sunglasses, cos it's not a good solution! :(


  1. l .. cannot .. like that i'll missed out seeing lots of beautiful things liao

    william .. ehh.. i only want to improvise on my eyes ler.. my face still boleh tengok one la.. no manners ;p

    legolas .. not a problem for me to smile.. its just my eyes.. maybe i shld learn how to smeyes ..;p

  2. i have a killer stare too. ppl said i'm so lansi....

    wot to do... we're born like tat ma... mar smile more lo.

  3. I hv the exact same problem few years back actually. I feel it's not about the eyes. It's about your own personal attitute. Attitute's the thing dat shows in your eyes as it shows ur feelings. Maybe try loosen out on the attitute and mayb it can solve ur prob, as it settled mine. Gd Luck!!!

  4. bong .. me too me too.. my face got only 2 expression .. fierce n lansi..lol ;p

    vel .. maybe la.. its just sometimes accidentally stared ppl.. and too late to realize it :)

  5. 戴眼镜啦,你那么斯文又有型。

  6. You mana ada lansi. You looked so shy shy the 1st time I met you at the shabu place, so pussy cat! meow!

  7. single .. if i wear my thick black frame glasses horr... lagi fierce wo...

    ant .. that one just pretend pretend one.. 1st time la.. next time wont b like that liao.. ;p

  8. ala ,change another frame lo. since u r so kaya and suka fashion de

  9. single .. u really think i print money one ahh? suka suka change frame..


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