Saturday, March 13, 2010


Since i am quite free nowadays, i decided to make a new Gaga mask in conjunction with the Gaga session coming Wednesday. Just to show my sincerity and also follow Gaga's footstep ~ always create new pieces for every show. ;p

1st edition ( wore during Danny Gaga's Hookerface Tour last year)
The shape and finishing is a bit standard ( predictable ) and quite similar to those that you can get from those party shop. Quite heavy cos it's fully beaded.

2nd edition ( premiering coming Wednesday )
It's actually a full-faced mask, cut into half. And the diamonte are being placed in a more interesting way ( spreading out from the eyes ). And the best thing is, the mask is TRANSPARENT and much lighter than the 1st ones. So you won't really see the mask when you put it on. Very fashionable, HAUTE COUTURE lah konon. LOL ;p

There, you can't really see the mask. Especially if you are dancing in some dimmed room with flashing spotlights.

有誰要跟我order custom made的mask?可以為接下來的company annual dinner和Halloween戴。



  1. wow! very so de vogue!

    and i love this song!!! been listening to it over 100 times when i first downloaded it. hahahahaha i mean kurt's on the sidebar.

  2. make a vogue mask that helps to prevent h1n1. that sounds more functional. i believe u dun wanna be bimbo, so make it vogue yet functional. haha

  3. paul .. tqtq .. so.. bila mau place ur order? lol ;p

    bong .. i know i know.. i love that song as well.. so the semangat kan? everytime i listen to it oso got goose bumps ..:)

    wayne .. and then? wear it to tonite's showcase? sure i'll be more bling-ing that the one on ;p

  4. so now you have the mask, what are you going to wear to match the mask?? must be also very Gaga style lor.. so looking forward to see your whole outfit leh~~

  5. walao eh, so bling!! imma get blinded soon xD

    but cool eh, you can make custom masks! :D never seen people doing these kinda crafts before, if i ever know anyone who wants em i'll point them to you!

    kudos! i think the transparent one is really cool :D like having floating blings on ur head lulz

  6. Why not wear a skin-toned body suit and bling up the naughty bits? :P

  7. You reminds me of a striper.. ooh.. now i catch your undies already..

  8. 闪闪面具的和闪亮的内裤, 白色的小背心, 再
    配合舞台的蓝光和烟雾, 应该有看头。

  9. sk .. dun think i can teach n dance n a Gaga costume la.. but i dun mind wearing it if u organize a Gaga party for the gang...i mean where everyone come as ;p

    grey ,, thanks for the reference :)) or maybe u want one for the next newspaper/ magazine interview? lol :))

    william .. skin tone? no way.. i'll end up looking like the michelin skin tone..;p

  10. emo .. dun u dare.. thanks to u.. the others oso stuck with the ' i am a striper' idea ;p

    single .. err.. i prefer a more vogue performance la.. not the 'desperate' ;p

  11. Wakakakaka! I love your creativity and taste! I wanna pose with you next time ok...

  12. twilight .. tqtq.. pose with me? take a number.. cos there's a long queue...hahahah ;p


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