Sunday, March 7, 2010


(此 entry 絕對沒有任何‘取笑‘別人的意思!!!)

早上在Mid Valley買蛋塔。去到cashier給錢時,看見cashier其實是位有‘斗雞眼‘問題的女生,而且還滿明顯的。夠力囉,我突然不自在了起來。因為不懂得講話時應不應該看著她。



p/s : Although the sizes of my eyes are uneven, but i am glad that they are still presentable.:))


  1. it happen to me before in gym!! got 1 daokaingan member smile at me, but his eyesight look at other places. I only know it after 1 minute later and i feel odd lorr...

  2. err, just look anywhere in her eyes when talking to her lah, if she is looking at you, she'd know you're looking at her - just that you don't know if she's looking at you~~ :D

  3. One eye big, one eye small is good. Like Benz. :P

  4. mmm never happened to me before. LOL

  5. i will see her mouth...

    By the way, danny, I set my blog as private, due to someone always give the bad comment...

    if you willing to visit my blog, give me your email address for invitation, pm me on

    thank you

  6. 只看cashier scan 东西的动作 看它有没有算错钱 XD 这样就不会尴尬又可以谨慎拉~ 一举两得 :p

  7. usually i look at both eyes in this case...

  8. 我有一個同事也是這樣的,真的很不自在。


  9. paul .. yalah kan? sometimes vogues ppl like us oso got uncomfortable and strange moment kan? LOL ;p

    sk .. thats what i did.. instead os looking at hey eyes.. i was FACING her.. :))

    william .. thats what exactly how i teased my friend.. " eh, where your masili leh? ' ' huh?' ' big small eyes ;p ' ' cb'

  10. bong .. then u shld start thinking now how to handle it if u ever face it :))

    single .. natural? TAK BOLEH lo.. cos i'm famous for my to stay natural? ;p

    kokhua .. no wonder la.. will email u later :)
    btw, looking at mouth lagi make ppl uncomfortable.. later she tot her teeth got ;p

  11. anthony .. but if she ask u something u oso dun want to look at her, its a bit rude lah kan? :)

    l .. how to look eyes to eyes? when ur eyes n her eyes will NEVER meet at same point? ;p

    matt .. i know the one eye theory.. but just too kanchiong dunno which eye to look at ..;)

  12. great deception, especially at the poker table. hehe

  13. 當然是看著蛋撻啦!

  14. 看题目,还以为你遇到波霸~哈哈哈。

  15. To be polite, you should be looking her nose (in between her eyes) instead of avoiding it or staring too hard at either one eye.

  16. ant .. talking abt poker table.. when i play mahjong, i got no expression one.. so very hard to guess what plan i am ;p

    justin .. sampat .. the tarts are in the box liao la.. but funny...i like ;)

    piggy .. if big boobies pun sama ma.. what is they are one big one small? which one to look at? lol ;p

    jessyca .. thats the thing la.. i worried later i'm the one who got ;p


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