Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Just some updates of myself ...

I'm obsessed with ... GLEE
Always a fan of musicals ( not traditional or opera type ). They are young, they are hip and that's so me.. ( i know i know, it sounds a bit salah ;p )

I'm obsessed with ... OWL CITY
His songs are so nice and soothing. The 1st song i play every morning once i on my laptop. I've downloaded most of their songs in my ipod. ( the previous song, Rainbow Veins is by them as well )

I'm obsessed with ... SIT ( as in 'duduk' )
March to May is a slow month for retail line. So, not much VM job for me to do lah. So everyday i sit in front of computer, then sit in front of tv, then sit on the sofa and of cos, sit on the toilet bowl. :)

I'm obsessed with ... KAREN MOK
Bought her latest album 回蔚, sedap sekali. All the songs are very chic and diva-ish, suitable for me ( yalah yalah, those who wanna slap me please line up ). Especially when i'm 'sitting' alone at home. Posted one of her new song at the side bar. My shoulder always sake front and back whenever i listen to it. Nikmat nyer tak terhingga lah ( btw, my friend called her 'laocharbo' 老女人 LOL ;p )

Finally, I'm obsessed with TANNING
I think i'm more confident with the tanned skin. It makes me look healthier and better. Although thats lots of good and bad comments, but i normally will ignore the bad ones. And bcos of that i am now crazy with colors that i once refused to wear ~ YELLOW. ;p LOL .


  1. Wah.... they remixed that old song.

  2. in short my dear suk, u'r OBSESSED with yourself!

  3. woooeeeee! i'm obsessed with OWL CITY too!!! love him love him love him! :P

  4. owl city?? apa tu? can eat ar?

  5. Glee is coming back again!!

  6. Hmmm... what i'm obsesse now... Let me think. Will get back to you :p

  7. yala yala, knw u look good in yellow now with ur tanned skin~

  8. i like glee as well!
    lovin' the musics the casts perform every epi
    especially they did Beyonce's Single Ladies hahaha~

  9. how come you are not obsessed with mariah carey? that's her song lor... wat kind of song get's you freshen up first thing in the morning wor? share the title of the song la....

  10. a lil updates of myself too..
    (i know u dun care but still wanna tell..) haha..

    i'm obsessed with ... BED
    i just love sleeping.. haha

    i'm obsessed with ... teatime
    delicious pls..

    i'm obsessed with ... alcohol

    i'm obsessed with ... hair saloon
    wat colour next? ;p

    n last but not least,
    acca , y u so obsessed wif me?
    ngo beh tahan la~~

  11. william .. yup.. n i hv to say that its a very nice remix.. not lala at all :)

    alan .. how dare u one poke see blood? ppl very fragile one la.. so hurt ...;p

    bong .. at 1st i only know fireflies.. the more i search for it.. the more i like :))

  12. paul .. u dekat US banyak lapar meh? asyik nak makan aje.. ;p

    legolas .. really? thats great.. but i hv to wait for a while before my supplier can bring in the dvd lo .

    tz .. i know i know.. u r now obsessed with ' thinking too much'.. based on ur posts la :))

  13. l .. y sound so jealous? god things must share with everyone geh ;p

    anthony .. single ladies? u like the student version or the football team version? ;p

    vel .. err.. try ' i'll meet you there', ' rainbow veins' or 'hot air balloon'.. all by Owl City... it cheered my day.. u try la :))

  14. eunice ..
    ~ bed? whats ur job? ;p
    ~ tea? oo not for me
    ~ alcohol? not mine too :)
    ~ hairsaloon? every 3 weeks la
    ~ WHO CARES?LOL blek ;p

  15. #1: GLEE - siapa orang??
    #2: OWL CITY - ok lor, not really my type
    #3: SIT - same what, who else not sit in front of computer, then sit in front of tv, then sit on the sofa and of cos, sit on the toilet bowl geh??
    #4: KAREN MOK - laocharbo!! hahahaah :D
    #5: TANNING - don't burnt yourself ok??

  16. No we are too glamorous to line up. Pls invest in a queue system (like those in a bank) so we cld sit down comfortably whilst waiting to slap you. lolz

  17. u very rajin write blog wor.....

  18. sk ..
    1 .. drama lah
    2 .. phew, luckily.. if not hv to fight with u ;p
    3 .. i prefer move lo.. feel more productive ma
    4 .. u oso think?
    5 .. dun worry.. i make sure its well done.. not medium, rare or over cooked ;p

    ant .. can.. u want to invest on that machine?

    single .. lately quite free ma.. not much VMM job to do


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