Monday, March 15, 2010


They are actually doing a 'spring cleaning' in the gym. I know a few of instructor received sms from the management, asking them to work harder to achieve the target head count. Or else they will be replaced or the class will be canceled. Luckily so far i haven't receive any ( finger crossed ).

But sometimes it's a bit unfair to ask the instructor to take full responsibility on the attendance. Cos the are so many other factors : schedule, location and most important ... MEMBERS. I know some good instructor with low attendance. Why? Bcos this instructor ( A ) is 'not' a friend to their 'other favorite' instructor. So to show the support to their favorite instructor, either they boycott A's class or complain about him.

Scary kan? The real life in the gym. I am a kiasu & kiasi person, so i always check with the management if there's any complaints about me. And i'm very grateful to have the manager who always supported me. She told me that :

compliments are for encouragements
complaints are for improvements

Thanks Annie, that's a very good advise and good direction for me. :)

Me & some of my members. ( Pic taken during Halloween party @ TrueFitness Pavilion last year )



  1. Must have good PR skills then~ for u is sap sap sui la~

  2. Do they complain that you don't show enough skin?

  3. congratulations. u didn't receive any sms or complain...

  4. guess it happens. office politics...

  5. i agree, it's unfair to blame solely on the instructor.. the gym should find out what are the causes of the low attendance of classes.. but for you, no worries lah, see you have so many fans and so popular!!

  6. instructor life so drama de harr?? my instructor did pat to me abt KL instructor...really drama lorr

  7. l .. err, i hardly attend the instructors' gathering.. n don't go yamcha with members b4 or after class.. see any pr in me? ;p

    william .. its a very healthy place la.. not meat market.. although sometimes u really can see some nice meat passing ;p

    single .. well.. i hope i won;t la.. but very hard to say :)

  8. bong .. ya lo.. politics everywhere.. a bit sien oso la..

    sk .. thats why i'm go grateful to my members.. but thats for now la.. who know one day i terlepas laser, then all boycott me ;p

    paul .. of cos we 'pat' abt classes, management, members & instructors.. but m trying to cut to the minimum :)

  9. so as long as the aunties get to see those fabulous wriggly buns of danny, kaotim! hehe

  10. ant .. 'buns'? sorry takde .. i always ask them to look at my 'flat screen' ;p

  11. I always respect gym instructors more than my college lecturers! My lecturers bore me to death!!!!!

  12. twilight .. but not all instructor are respectable .. cos i used to 'not' like ( i won;t use the word hate lah ) soem of the instructors when i was a member..:))
    it's just the chemistry la :))


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