Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My hair ... again

( FYI, this is a ' syok sendiri ' entry. No offense with those who are alive, dead or half dead. ;p )

We were doing LaRoux's Bulletproof this morning. One of the step is to pose with your hands on your head ( through you hair ), shake the hip and 'act' sexy. Of cos i don't have any problem doing that lah. But one of my 'che-che' teased me :

Che-che : Danny no matter how you do also not perfect one la. Cos your hair so short ... not sexy at all lah.
姐姐 :你怎樣做也不夠sexy的啦。你的頭髮醬短,很難sexy的啦。

Me : Huh? If i got long hair, it will be phenomenon! ( answered coldly + sharp look in the eyes )
我 :哼!如果我長頭髮,那還得了?!( 冷冷的回答+尖銳的眼神 )

Che-che : Ya wor ya wor, Hahahaha.
姐姐 :對horr對horr。哈哈哈。

話說回來,重來沒有留過長髮的我還真的很樣嘗試下。但我頭髮又多又粗,又容意流汗。要留長髮一定beh tahan。記得去年在Seoul時有試戴假髮 (中長),很夠力aqua-licious!看了都想打自己!!!

p/s : I'm officially OBSESSED with another thing. Posted at the side bar, Enjoy :))


  1. GOSH! truly "syok-sendiri-syndrome" LOLZ! but such a cute post, it gv me a huge grin to end my work day. Thanks ^_^

  2. 还要加 阳光 两个字列~ 哈哈哈哈 :p

  3. 你留長髮啦, 我支持你.. 留到好似哥哥個Gaultier Look咁, 嘩, 再跳埋舞, 幾咁有型有格呀!!

  4. 留长发?你千万别搞到学生都顶你不顺。

  5. Who knows, you may even land a role in a Pantene ad.

  6. kurthugo schneider!!!!!

    that guy is like so damn cute lor! hahahahhaa

    side track abit. hahaha ur ipod video is more vogue than story of ur hair. hahahaha

  7. 留長發﹐好像不整齊。。。假如你本人是我hip-hop的話﹐就可以啦﹗不然留了﹐不會打扮﹐就糟糕。。。。

  8. gosh...u should have long hair and tie in two side like "xiao tian tian" :P

  9. ant .. told ya.. its a totally syok sendiri post.. i dun lie one ..lol ;p

    anthony .. since i cannot use 秀氣on me.. so i opt for 陽光 lo..but added 賤嘴 just to satisfy u ;p

    sk .. trust me.. instead of looking like 'gor-gor' .. i'll look aqua-ish.. a vogue one , of cos ;p

  10. single .. ya lo.. i think better not horr? dun want to bring inconvenience to others by torturing their eyes ;p

    william .. pantene ? with my bitchy mouth and fierce look.. its more like pantat lo...hahahahahaah ;p

    bong .. thanks for noticing the sidebar .. see? i know whats happening in the young society one..lol ( obviously trying to ignore the less vogue comment ;p )

  11. stacey .. i dun think i'll have problem styling it la.. just the hassle of maintaining it is very jialat ;p

    l .. why u announce ur taste to the world? ;p

  12. aiyo~ don say like that la~ 贱嘴does not sound like u :D

  13. anthony .. cos we are not that close yet.. see if i laser u or not la.. when u know me better ;p


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