Friday, March 12, 2010


One of the che-che came to me after the class. Che-che : "Danny, why not teach us 'para-para sakura' next time?"
Now, i think i have 2 replying options.

1) I can tell her that i will try to arrange for it, OR

2) I can tell her that i will try to arrange for it, but before that let me just clarify something with her. The dance that she wanted to learn is 'Para-para' ( a popular street dance in Japan ), NOT ' Para-para Sakura' ( a Hong Kong movie, starring Aaron Kwok & Cecelia Cheung ), as that's the name of the movie that made para-para popular. ;p

If you know me well, i'm sure you know which is my reply.:)

p/s : If you still remember, there was a Para-Para Street Party ( 2002 ) organized to promote Christian Dior's new collection. It was held at Bukit Bintang. And i was the selected top ten contestants from hundreds of people dancing on the street. Hmm.. i miss my 'young' days....:))




  1. eh, ask ur cheh cheh to record a video and upload on youtube leh. i dunno wat is para-para dance lor.


    i donwan to see other ppl dance one, just wann see urs. :P

  2. I wanna see you dance too. ^_^
    Aaron sux!

  3. yee~ para para sounds like a century ago liao de wo~

  4. bong .. why see from youtube? when u can pay and i'll dance in front of you ? ;p deal? ;p

    paul .. i think u'll choose the same option kan? ;p

    ant .. the easiest way to see me dance is to join my class.. :))

  5. william . apa itu? i onli got Danny gaga or Danny lala here... no Danny para ;p

    l.. yup.. cos once a while we do those retro things.. like 70's disco dancing, 60's rock n roll, etc :)

  6. L2 why u summon me.... XD

    Danny sure kena u leser loh rite ;p

  7. yee .. not laser la.. just trying to educate ;p

  8. err, i guess it's a common mistake to many of us lah.. just like we used to call mattress as dunlop, instant noodles as maggie mee, hot chocolate as milo (or maybe may-look, hahaha) etc etc..

  9. sk .. the more reason to correct them.. if not they will teach the wrong things to their kids ;p

  10. SK讲的对,很多人都犯上同样的错。Danny 你要做老师了。

  11. single .. teacher? never.. cos i hv very short temper... ;p

  12. Wah you could dance anywhere from the stage to the streets!! Shah Rukh Khan will recruit Chinese dancers soon!

  13. twilight .. err.. dun want to be featured in bollywood movies la.. too many dancers.. very hard to stand out from the others ;p


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