Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Danny Gaga .. back by demand !

( Yes, this is another syok sendiri entry. Don't read if you got no sense of humor or got high level of jealousy ;p )

Danny Gaga is making his coming back act.. not here.. but in the gym.

I did Bad Romance in the class last year and till now the members still request me to repeat it. Cos they said the choreo is very nice. Mind you, not easy to choreograph a song with combinations of 'cacat' and 'sexy' ( or in my case, slutty ) together you know? ;p

Not trying to show off ( yeah rite ;p ) but it meant a lot to us freestyle instructor when the members ask you to repeat whatever that you did before. Meaning they liked the steps and ... ' you did a good job'.

So i guess i'll have to take out my" Gaga buatan-sendiri-over-the-top-fake-diamond mask" from the storeroom and prepare for another kick-ass show next week. The best things is, it's for the Pavilion class. You know lah, there's so many 'audiences' at that club. EXCITED-nyerr....;p

p/s : my next target .. Gaga's "Teeth". OR do you have other nice songs that are suitable for teaching?

不只Danny Gaga回來了,連"肥妹鬼"也回來了!!!


  1. haha...很愛面子。。。。

  2. OMG! I love your stunning Gaga album cover! haha

  3. Put on the eyelash extensionS!

  4. no doubt, bad romance is a great song..
    wat else? the newer hit song for gaga should be 'telephone' lo..

    Stop callin', stop callin',
    I don't wanna think anymore!
    I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.


  5. hahaha....i like Teeth "don't be scared, I've done this before" ... good opening to your new class member! ... i can't wait any longer for you to blog abt it!

  6. wah! spotlight on u lor. show off to the max! hahahahha

  7. Try playing the song, "I'm too sexy" by Right Said Fred!

  8. Then you better go to have a date with the 'fei mui guai'... Just like the movie "Good Luck Chuck" one... Haha... Enjoy ur gaga's movement with the oily stuff oh... :P

  9. Telephone is nice. What about "Beautiful Dirty Rich" from her first album?

  10. u can do all the gaga's song....

    1. fame
    2. monster
    3. disco heaven
    4. love game
    5. starstruck

    go go go danny gaga~ i love u~ hahaha

  11. why hasn't the gym organise a "Tribute to Lady Gaga" theme, where instructors from all classes use Lady Gaga's song to conduct the classes?? must be interesting.. and what's more, all to dress like Lady Gaga!! hahahaha..

    BTW, your title should be "Danny Gaga.. back by POPULAR demand!" mah~~

  12. "不只Danny Gaga回來了,連"肥妹鬼"也回來了!!!" ---hahaha, so funny but i like last sentence. becos l'm think must get a lot of fun things in the future.

  13. stacey .. abothen? u think i say say no action one ahh? ;p

    kokhua .. u like? tqtq.. i can send u one cover with my autograph,, u want? lol ;p

    william .. no need to add anymore fake things la.. cos the face itself already very fake la ;p

  14. eunice .. tot of it before.. but telephone got so many odd counting.. not easy for member to pick up.. so cannot lo

    paul .. m trying to do the choreography now.. hope to create another hit for myself la :))

    bong .. if they dun hv, i oso will bring my own spotlight... these type of chances not easy to get, ok? ;p

  15. ant .. thats one of my fav song too.. but mayb will save it for special themed class.. maybe halloween or valentine's day la

    lesly .. u beter kill me lo, than gng out with her.. btw, long time din see u in gym liao... still active?

    legolas .. that one oso not bad, but i think other instructor did that liao.. so better not lo..

  16. l .. did some of it last year.. cannot do too many gaga's song la.. later member bored with it ..

    sk .. actually i tot of proposing to the management to do a special GAGA themed class.. and everyone come as gaga... btw, i know i am thick skin.. but not until like that la.. not as popular as u la ;p

    sleepy .. u know the story of fat ghost? she suddenly came to say hello to me yesterday.. freak me out onli ;p

  17. single .. wait till you see the actual ;p

  18. hahahha nvm nvm, let me know when's ur class. i'll see if i can make it next week. i still got the free pass, havent use yet. ahahahaha

    then i can use my pen torch to shine shine u a bit. ahahhahahahahahah

  19. bong .. great.. come come.. next wednesday 740pm at TrueFitness Pavilion.. i'll try my best to impress u :)).. n oso.. BYOGM

    ( Bring Your Own Gaga Mask) ;p

  20. Thumbs Up!!! i love your pix!

  21. twilight .. it was for the project last year.. hope that u can be part of the project THIS YEAR :)


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