Monday, March 29, 2010

The Replacement

Lately i've ben replacing quite a number of classes for an injured instructor. Felt sorry for him, but good news for me. Besides the fact that i can have extra payment this month, i also can 'promote' my class in other instructor's schedule.

FYI, when i do replacement classes, i'll try my very best to impress the member. So that they will be interested to come and join my classes. And i don't think that i'm the only instructor who does that.

Now, i'll be away for 2 weeks in May. And all my classes will be replaced by other instructors. I have to admit that actually i'm a bit worried. What if they are TOO GOOD that most of my members will switch classes when i'm back? Or the management thinks that they should take over the classes due to the good response?

What if i am being REPLACED ... permanently by then?

Kisah Benar :

I was away for 3 weeks holiday in 2007. During that 3 weeks, there's some major reshuffle in the gym's management and schedule. Apparently my classes were cut from 4 classes to 1 class per week! Drastic rite? And it took me 2 months to negotiate with the management in order to get back my original schedule.

That's why i'm always worried every time i go holiday.
What should i do, to secure my position in the gym?


  1. Wah.... so volatile de. But just enjoy your holiday lo! Worry about things later. You sure can CLAW back up!

  2. I heard. But that depends who's the coordinator lor.

    I think and I heard it's not that bad in TF.. all the instructors get a fair chance.. if need be, an additional class different instructor in a single evening!!

  3. o, so this is how to gain more class. :p

  4. do your best. improve PR, smile more to them lah...

  5. aiyah, no worries lah, i have confidence in you.. if you are good, then there's nobody that can replace you.. if really *touch wood* then you go and replace other people lor.. this is a world of "the fittest survive" mah.. :)

  6. let me become ur replacement class instructor. then ur members will sure miss u :)

  7. Danny, like William says lo, you go enjoy yourself ok. Don't worry too much about that. After that only think about it. I have faith in you, you always want to give the best of you, and people might not be able to see that, but they can feel that. That's the Danny's power.

    If really the management wanna do cut down or whatsoever, itu nasib. Dan minta tolong Tuhan. LOL

  8. If your member likes you... they will be loyal one..

    I am a celebrity gym member..
    and.. buy the way.. wat you teach wo?

    seeing the article you mention of your nice calf.. you teach body step???


  9. william .. ya lo.. hv to CLAW back lor.. but i'll make sure that my clawing pose is as vogue as ;p

    takashi .. u r rite.. it really depends on the corrdinator of the club.. TF is not bad.. Celeb is quite gd to me too :))

    justin .. abothen? wanna attract ppl must show them what we have la :p

  10. single .. what if other instructor's smile is brighter and warmer than mine lerr? ;p

    sk .. the fittest survive? oh no.. i am not fit at all.. i am just ;p

    l .. oh thats so sweet of you..;p

  11. freedom .. danny's power? such a BIG word ;p ya lor.. so free free i oso need to pray more lo ;)

    emo .. step? takde la. i onli teach latin mix and dance mix.. i got my calves from all the dancing.. interested? ;p

  12. You are irreplaceable, especially your big laser mouth. Who could be worse wo. LOL.

  13. ky .. if only we are using mouth to dance ;p... then i dun care about the replacement..;p


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