Saturday, March 27, 2010

Danny : The Loud Mouth

That's my NEW nickname ( for this week).

I've been having sore throat and nose block since Monday. And as usual, i can't really hear myself when i talk, due to the nose block. I was having lunch with my friend yesterday at The Gardens @ The Curve. Nice environment, not bad food and cheap set lunches. But she was kinda uncomfortable during the lunch. So i asked her why. According to her, i was talking very loud, and the couple behind me kept staring at us.
Then only i realized that i've actually raised my voice tone higher than usual, so that i can hear myself ... as well as others. LOL ;p
MALU nyerr...TSK betul ;p

Now i got this male friend. When my other friends see me going out with him, they will sure asked my about him. Cos he is quite good looking and have nice body shape. The only thing that others dunno about him is .. he talks very loud .. i mean really LOUD. I was so embarrassed whenever i go out with him. He will normally ' share' our conversation with the world. ( sweat )

What will you do if you are out with someone you JUST met .. and so happened that he/she is a LOUD MOUTH?

p/s : i know a lot of people out there are having sore throat and running nose like me. So, take care together-gether la :))


  1. I'll politely tell him he's a loud speaker, especially if he swears a lot. so embarassing!

  2. It's hard to believe a health freak like you gets ill....
    Take care!

  3. for feel shy n bow ,n will tell my fran ...her/he sound very loud...

  4. paul .. does it come with a super high note and DIVAish facial expression too? lol ;p

    ant .. some ppl just like to do that.. just to get attention.. pathetic kan? :)

    twilight .. abang.. i oso normal human ( with-extra-level-of-VOGUEness ) only .. of cos i will fall sick once in a while la ;p

  5. stacey .. but some of my fren purposely talk very loud.. just to irritate me and make me paiseh :(

    william .. that is so true.. i'm so glad that i can control my own 'speaker' :)

  6. 我也很怕大声公,大声婆,好像要引人注意或吵架。

  7. Ask for a private room.. then can chat watever...


    ask him to test to lower his volume? :P

  8. to me this is not problem.
    my father hearing is not very good. when he call for me i must speak loud and sometimes people will misunderstand me and my father's quarrel.
    btw, i more interest your good looking friend...haha ~~

  9. i wouldn't mind if he talks loud if he's good looking and hot xD if he shares his sexual endeavors loudly oso i'm sure everyone oso will be glad to listen, LOL!

    and yeah it happens to me also last time, when my nose blocked or something i cannot hear myself i oso will talk louder, lulz. but eventually i've learned to listen to the inner head voice, as in you can hear what you're saying by listening to the vibration of your chest or inner ear. you can try it by closing your ears and talking :D

  10. anyway, nice playlist music! :D usually i'll just turn blog music players off, but i listened to this all way through! ;)

  11. i'l say, slow down slow down LOUD LOUD >.<

    get well soon!

  12. I will say slow down.. but normally they will ignore me.. haha...

  13. single .. i oso la.. those who dunno sure thought we are fighting lol ;p

    emo .. if private room i dun mind la.. but normally it happened in public places :(

    sleepy pig .. hahaha.. btw, r u HAKKA? cos i am.. my whole family talk quite loud lol ;p

  14. grey .. listen to the inner me worr.. still trying to find inner ..
    glad u like the song .. i think its very casual n light.. really cheer me up :)

    bong .. see who louder issit? sekali that fellow catch up slow leerrr?

    karen .. same here.. or they'll just talk louder.. just to irritate me ;(

  15. ya loh, i am HAKKA.
    only a few people at home, but like hundreds of people at home. haha, this is HAKKA style.

  16. sleepypig .. no wonder.. when its CNY or got gathering... tak boleh tahan ;p


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