Sunday, April 4, 2010

and they WERE here ...


This is a very common scene in the blogoshpere. Sometimes people will leave a message in your chatbox, that you dunno how to respond :

" I am here :) "
" Passing by ;p "
" Ha ha ha ! "

Honestly, what should i do huh? Cos if you ask me, the direct response ( from the bottom of my heart ) will be :

" So? "
" And? "
" Huh? "

I am very interested to know, what is the appropriate response for this type of so-called messages?
Or most of the time you will just ignore it?

p/s : and again, a lot of people indirectly terkena my Big Mouth's ;p


  1. luckily i didnt kena laser in here~ hahaa....

    for my opinion, i think those comments are a bit "lame" / "greeting"...

    u r so popular ma~ everyone wanna comment for u~ hehehe

  2. Aiyo, dare not to put msg in your chatbox de. Leave message also kena laser...CHAM.
    Hehe, I would normally say "Hi" or "Thank you". Simple and polite ma.

  3. juz say hi back lor.. easy n no need think so much ma.. like what i alwaz do.. lol

  4. l .. that is not even a comment la.. its just 'words'... that i'm not so sure of the meaning / intention :)

    ky .. i dun mind they leave msg in the chatbox.. but at least let me know ur thoughts la.. then i know how to response.. or else very lost one lerr..;)

    chris .. exactly .. thats y i try not to reply just for the sake of reply :)

  5. well, to show your courtesy (sincere or fake be it), reply back like this..

    I am here :)
    > :)

    Passing by ;p
    > :p

    Ha ha ha !
    > Hahaha!!!

  6. sk .. wow.. thats really sincere n ;p

  7. crawling by...

    tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk~

  8. alan .. ehh.. no manners ;p

  9. Actually on my mind, I was thinking to ask you to ask Chris. LOL, he always replies to those things also...... -_-"

    I will give back the same lo, just like SK.

  10. yea, i'm here passing by ..=P
    u shud treat me a cappucino..XD

  11. freedom .. then i rather dun reply lo.. than making those meaningless replies :)

    keo .. since u 'cyberly' passed by.. i oso 'cyberly' treat u coffee la.. click on starbucks website and take whatever u want ;p

  12. keo .. satisfied? thats what happened when u cyber passed by ...loll ;p


Good comment makes me happy.. bad comment get my attention ;)