Sunday, April 25, 2010


Was doing some set up at One Utama and passed by this window. It's a very normal lingerie window display. But somehow one of the mannequin got my attention. I looked at her ... and cover my mouth ( to hold back my big laugh ). This mannequin is slightly different from the mannequins that we see in the malls, cos it's more realistic. See for yourself ...


Went clubbing with friends last night.
My first clubbing after 6 years.
Went in at 12am, came out at 1.30am.
My conclusion :

" 我是屬於舞台,而不是舞池的 "
( i belong to stage, not the dance floor )


  1. 逼真!
    = =

  2. Perhaps they were selling the mannequin. :P

  3. actually i think this is more realistic.. because not everyone is like a supermodel, as such mannequin should be as down to earth as possible.. guess if they can ever make 如花 beautiful, they are even more successful!!

    oh, 光榮復出!!! did you have fun??

  4. 不错,不会千篇一律那么死板。


  5. A functional life-sized doll perhaps?

  6. 爆牙的就不会引 对这公仔有癖好 的人犯罪吧 o.O

  7. special pun.....haha
    wei, wat made u down to club again??? haha

  8. hahaha... of coz you are the dance instructor and professional dancer...

    Dance floor jammed up with those ppl that don't really dance ... they shaked :p

  9. Hehe, at least you belongs to stage. I think I belongs to "Home" lo, comparing to those fresh seafood.

  10. alive .. very the LAIN DARI YANG LAIN kan? no wonder she caught my eyes ;p

    william .. i think the mannequin did a very good job.. standing out from the rest.. ;p

    sk .. the 'come back' act apparently not as fu as i imagined .. cos i know.. i no longer belong to places anymore.. :))

  11. single .. i like ur comment .. very the straight forward and its all so true.. u know me well :))

    ant .. n u think ppl will like a playdoll with such teeth meh? more sensitive issit? ;p

    anthony .. very hard to say one.. maybe some ppl got such fetish lerr? lol ;p

  12. keo .. just thought of go n see the scene nowadays.. nothing special.. cos i know i won't be and can't fight those fresh meat out there anymore .. just show face lo ;)

    tz .. i just dun like the jam-packed places la.. n ride ppls...;(

    ky .. jutaan terima kasih atas bimbingan dan tunjuk ajar semasa the' lawatan sambil belajar' ;p at least u hv ur group of frens to dance with maa...
    thanks for the company :))
    p/s : hope that u will belong to someone else's home very soon :) cheers :))

  13. learn something different ady..
    different of stage and dance floor..

  14. 暴牙的mannequin? Interesting, Should take a look then..

  15. bighead .. yeah.. the feeling is totally different .. u should try.. then u'll know :)

    jobless girl .. i did.. i took a look.. and took a pic as well :)

  16. Aiyo, suddenly so polite pulak. Kita kan budak baru belajar, so kena belajar sama2.
    Belongs to someone else's home? No la...I have my own home sweet home that I don't need others.

  17. ky . must be polite la.. cos u got ur regulars there.. mana tau later u ask them to gang-slap me ;p awwww...

  18. Real life mannequin make it easier for man to have sexual fantasy, sure man will buy for their wife or....

    Not used to the unsynchronized dance on the dance floor?

  19. 你是不是又要说自己老了。舞池不是你追求的东西...

  20. nana .. i dun care how others dance la.. but its just too packed to dance.. can't really swing my arms at all ;p

    yuan .. i am just moving 1 level up.. which is the ;p

  21. Gang slap...kinky nye. I wanna see!!!!

  22. ky .. macam lah u tak pernah terfikir gitu... ;p


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