Monday, April 19, 2010

Watch your hand

Just thought of something funny but interesting while i was brushing my teeth this morning.

Say you brush your teeth with your right arm, any idea WHERE is the position of your left arm?
Gently placed on the basin? On the waist as if your are posing? Or non stop rubbing and scratching here and there? ;p

Cos i bursted out laughing when i saw myself in the mirror.. posing... you know lah.. sometimes things happened so naturally....LOL ;p

Do you think there's people brushing their teeth while doing the 'big' business ahh? ;p

p/s : any Mac expert out there? something wrong with my Safari la.. every time i open Youtube, it will shut down immediatley. siapa boleh tolong?


  1. My other hand was just hanging like that..


    Gym Instructor like posing.
    That's a fact.

  2. TZ's using MAC. lols.

    i'll go check what i do with my left arm tomorrow. hahahahahhahaa

  3. 2nite let me notice
    hw i put my left hand

  4. I hold the basin. If I do big business, the most is reading / texting. :P

  5. Dude, what version of Safari are you using... Mine is okay when open Youtube.

    hmmm... are you opening something that you shouldn't open >.>

    Anyway, i think you should upgrade your Safari from time to time ...

  6. 有时候握在洗手盆的边
    有时候什么也么做 XD

  7. 我刚好跟 安东尼 一样~

  8. my left hand will be touching the wall~

  9. 你的POSING 是什么?
    我是左手刷, 右手准备开水。

  10. i guess i tug my left hand on my waist, and my right leg step ontop of the toilet bowl!! hahahahaha, so gross~~ :D

  11. emo .. u r so kind.. at least u called me gym instructor.. not some silly mean ;p

    bong .. so? mana tangan?

    alive .. make sure you report back to ;p

  12. william .. i can never do business and other things at the same time.. i want to enjoy the ;p

    tz .. can teach me how to upgrade ahh? i dun hv ur contact,, mind send it to tqtqqtq

    anthony .. wow.. so envy.. ur morning is so interesting and fun.. as compared to mine ;p

  13. yuan .. gd la.. maybe old ppl tend to do same thing over and over again huh? ;p

    l .. to support the still a bit blurr body of yours?

    single .. dunno.. just arm on the waist.. then maybe body weight on one leg to get the body ;p

    sk . err.. i can see some naughty and cheeky kid do that la... but u?.. err.. a bit salah hor? coz u looked so ;p

  14. my other hand wld be free to do whatever it likes to do then! :P

  15. ant .. something tells me that i should not ask or imagine what u r doing with the other hand ;p

  16. Depends 1 wor. Sometimes put on basin, sometimes on waist and sometimes garu here/there. Depends on the mood of that morning lo. Maybe sometimes can dig nose also.

  17. ky .. how can u brush teeth n dig nose at the same time? dun u need to breathe????? lol...


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