Friday, April 23, 2010


Tak disangka-sangka ... rupa-rupa nyerr i've hit the 500 entries for my blog. What a surprise .. cos i thought it will come slightly later, maybe by June. 500 entries in 2 years .. something that i am very proud of.

Nothing much to say for this 501st entry. Just want to PROVE MYSELF ( again ) to those who under estimated me. Although most of the entries are made of nonsense, lasers and craps.

Err ... you do like my craps .... rite? :)

Sometimes i feel like i'm actually a writer ( be it good or bad one lah ;p ). But i'm just happy that i have my blog to express myself.
Keep on blogging everyone. :)
我blog故我爽! 哈哈。

Big hug .. from Big Mouth.


  1. BIG hug too to BIG mouth and buy me a BIG bowl of bakuteh next time when you're back to Klang! ;)

  2. congratulations!! cool, you are keeping up with the pace.. i am in the process of 減產 already, cos getting lazy..

  3. Must continue ss la ~~~
    btw, ss= syiok sendiri~~~

  4. Congratz, shit.......... Just congrats for shit... just kidding!! Continue your crap because it is a trend

  5. wah congrats wor! human beings is known to be good in craps one la. hehehehehe

  6. I admire you... my blog already 2 years but only 200+ entries...

    everytiems I dunno want to blog about what... hehe

  7. tak sangka? sebab u very rajin mah....

  8. Mulut Laser is a virtue! :P

  9. ant .. gosh .. i really missed the taste of Klang's bah kut teh.. long time din eat liao ;p

    sk .. cos u already 上岸 ma.. not like me, still have to work hard ;p

    alive .. oo.. no worries.. i am good in SS-ing, besides lasering n bitching ;p

  10. nana .. it sounds of nice yet so wrong.. shitting is the trend huh? ;p

    bong .. what u mean by human beings? i believe i am beyond human being ;p

    kokhua .. mine mainly things happened around me la.. + a bit of craps now n then ;p

  11. single .. instead of saying 'rajin', i think i can say that its my passion as well :)

    william .. wow... virtue worr.. dunno what to say liao ;p

  12. 希望有更多个五百 XD

  13. anthony .. will try my best.. u too.. add oil :))


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