Thursday, April 22, 2010


( ... updates from the previous entry )

a) NO, i didn't eat anything for supper, cos was SHOCKED looking at the list of things i ate before that ( super guilty ) ...;p

b) YES, the try out class went well, and they want me to continue teaching there. Now i just need to sit down with him to discuss on the schedule and my charges. :)
( i'm one step closer to my target : of having at least 10 classes per week. Current status : 7 classes per week. )*

* target achieved ! will be having 10 classes per week from MAy onwards..YAY !!!


Today will be another hectic day for me. I rushed to 6 places yesterday ( 3 set ups and 3 classes ). And i have 2 set ups and 3 classes ( back-to-back). Meaning i'll shake my ass non-stop from 5.45pm to 9.00pm. Gosh, i need more energy ...


  1. WOW, non-stop shake ass, so u can keep on MAKAN MAKAN AND MAKAN LOR

  2. 唔好感搏啦,小心龙体啊。

  3. wow.. am sure u hav "electrical a$$"
    haha... wat to do. cari makan ma..
    money money money~
    stay energetic . passionate n vogue.. =D

  4. waaah... good la... got nice ass later. :P

  5. shake shake shake, then eat eat eat

  6. single .. no la.. normally after a long workout.. i got no appetite one...:)) good for me la ;p

    freedom .. boh pien lah.. have to cari maakn.. furthermore 2 weeks not around.. must cover back the income la ;)

    eunice .. u mean 'motorised ass' issit? ;p btw, love ur last sentence.. u really know me :)))

  7. bong .. my ass is consider XS lia.. later become flat.. not nice lerr...

    nana .. is that a curse? hopefully wont happen to ;p

    william .. dun want.. i just want a firm and slightly rounded one.. cukup liao :))

  8. drink some energy drink. should be able to help! hahaha!

    good luck!!

    and i heard ka-ching coming in!! guess my prayers work!
    (hint hint: 我要的东西又着落了,嘻嘻!)

  9. Bagusnye...kaya-raya la ni.
    Somemore still can shaking ass to get money, what else can be better?

  10. yuan .. thank you very much for the prayers wor.... see lah.. if u good to me.. it MIGHT happen geh... might only ahh.. dun over perasan .. lol ;p

    ky .. shobiz very dark one.. u really think only shake ass ahh? they want more geh... i 'cry' in the dark u all oso dunno ;p


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