Friday, April 9, 2010



I was in the changing room of the gym, resting after my class. Then came in 3 young and really good looking guys. I think they just finished their workout and ready to go.

Then one by one they stepped on the weighing machine... and that's when the cantik-ness of them FADE AWAY...

Guy A : Aww fuck. Still the same.

Guy B : My turn my turn. Aiyo, me too la ... run so much oso the same. 屌~

Guy C : ( silent for a while ... ) 屌你阿媽臭HAI,境然肥LAN佐。我都未食耶。媽~ 仆街!!!

At that very moment, i discovered something :
" They might have the nice packaging.. but i've got the content.;p"


I weigh myself 2 to 3 times a day. And normally it will end up with .. " tsk~ "
( Not a good sign horr? ;p )
Do you do that as well?

我量體重的哲學 :
有沒有輕不用緊,不要重了就好。 ;p


  1. 靓仔一开口,什么形像都没有!你千万别近墨者黑,有样学样。
    tsk = ?

  2. i haven't have the guts to step on the weighing machine for a very long time already..

  3. 靚唔代表永恆 空心老倌 冇狗用

    btw im slim down 2kg in one month
    so sian lor... ;p

  4. wah... rude leh... haha!

  5. i seldom weight myself...
    i afraid will scare myself out.. haha..
    but i think the shape n figure is more important than the number la..
    u urself should realise whether is gain or lose weight by wearing the clothes daily..
    *dun get cheat by number* ^^

  6. Did they also behave like chinese opera singers? lolz

    Neways, we hvnt got the chance to see your contents? How to derive at a judgement le? :P

  7. It has been a few months sicne the last time i step onto it.. i just don't dare... ahh...

  8. 满口粗话,吓死人!


  9. Usually is the number is same, I will say 'Good'. If less, 'Wow, no wonder I feel better.' If the number increase, 'Is this weight scale accurate?'

  10. single .. too late.. i'm oledi BLACK.. in my own ;p

    sk .. then i think its time to step on it.. very chikek one ;p

    tagnan .. damn u ;p.. go flaunt ur super slim n flat body elsewhere ;p

  11. kokhua .. rite? i think he oso realized that i am staring at him one kind..;p

    william .. after the incident, i dun think he care abt his yitai at all ;p

    eunice .. DUN GET CHEAT BY THE CLOTHES.. cos some of them may shrink or getting loose everytime we wash ;p

  12. bong .. totally... it was like looking at an angel transform into ;p 天使變天屎

    ant .. my content? not for public ;p

    karen .. i think u shld.. then onli u can control ur weight.. since u r on ur diet mission now :))

  13. sleepypig .. i think he will die immediately if he is my friend... cos i'll give him the biggest slap..;p

    nana .. talking about making excuses.. or try to blame on others eh? ;p

  14. i purposely bought a digital scale just to keep track.. and i have lost 5kg since i began training for BC module.. :)

    and it maintained the last 6 weeks, losing lots of fats, but at same time toning the muscles a lot!!


    Ps: i dont weight myself in the gym anymore.. cos one day i realised the scales in the gym are not accurate at all :) especially the metal bar type where u have to move the weights yourself.. lol...

  15. Long time didn't step on the machine de.
    我量體重的哲學: 有沒有輕不用緊,最重要是漂亮.

  16. takashi .. ya.. the weight machine in the gym.. sometimes shock me like hell.. but sometimes cheer me up ( when i need something nice to lie to myself ) ;p
    dun lose to much weight la.. later too kering not nice one ler.. since u so tall ;p

    ky .. ok ok .. i'll put that in my philosophy as well.. i think both of us need to buy some cheating weighing scale huh? lol ;p

  17. like your couclusion, it's a nice quote!


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