Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just wondering ...

How many of you noticed that i have songs posted at the side bar?
How many of you actually try listen to them?

I know sometimes the songs are quite annoying. But it's just like the blog owner, sometimes sweet, sometimes irritating, but most of the time ... VOGUE.;p

So far i think only Bong, KY and Grey commented on the songs ...


  1. errr, i actually have my speakers muted all the time lor.. and yes, i actually don't quite like background music for any websites.. :p

  2. 我知道但我没听,不想分心。

  3. Some of the songs are indeed very nice. For sure there are people who do appreciate them.

  4. I do listen to your song..
    I like some of your posted songs.. others.. hmm.... not my cup of coffee.

    I like your song.
    To be with you..
    and your korean girls .. oo..


    Keep it up.. and , err choose a bit young song ya.. Mambo seemed ..

  5. waaa. my name mentioned! hahahahhahahahhaa

    kinda like some of your songs lor. this current one quite sweet ler. one of ur dance songs ah? :P

  6. ummm... will listen it when i visit your blog every time... ><

  7. hmm... i was wondering too if anyone ever listen to the song on my blog's sidebar, or people just think it is too distracting from reading the posts? o.O

  8. Quite nice la those songs you've chosen. Even this latest 1 also quite vogue..

  9. sk .. i agree la.. sometimes music might be quite annoying when we trying to read the content of the site..

    william .. i normally wont mute it str away.. if i cant stand the music only i mute it :)

    single .. huh? cos some of the music i purposely put to match the post worr.. to make it more impact.. or to match he theme of the month :)

  10. 子扬 .. not gng to force others to listen to it.. just me like it that way.. n wondering how many ppl same as me :)

    emo .. tqtq.. song too old for u? too bad .. cos m gng to post those vintage songs for this month.. as per the blog title for April :))

    bong .. tq :) ya wor.. did this song for one of my Latin class .. fun n flirty steps.. btw, till now u havent come join my class horr? ;p

  11. bighead .. tq vm .. but i have to admit that sometimes i oso annoyed by my own ;p

    anthony .. im sure there will be ppl listening to it.. as long as it not too 'noisy'

    sk .. i know u ade dengar lah.. vogue kan lagu ni? put on ur heels and flamenco dress, jom kite gi berpesta.. dun forget to tied a low bun and put the bunga besar atas kepala ;p

  12. actually each time i visit your blog will open my speaker. sometime i like the song but sometime...heihei~~

  13. sleepypiggy .. tqtq.. of cos i wont expect ppl to like all my choices :)

  14. hahaha, 丹尼哥哥.. your reply to the second SK should be KY right?? haha, miss me too much already is it?? kekeke~~ :p

  15. sk .. opps... aiya.. orang sudah tua la.. sudah nyanyuk sikit...

    KY .. jangan marah ye :)

  16. hahaha apa khabar orang tua XD

  17. yee .. eh u ' not convenient' to call me that la ;p LOL


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