Tuesday, April 27, 2010


PEK CHEK ahhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!

Is it the season to redecorate? Cos my upstairs and downstairs unit is doing renovation ... at the SAME time. One hammering wall and the other one drilling hole.

I had a morning class today, and thought of taking an afternoon nap. But with the two sessions of "orchestra" playing live .. how to sleep? And when i don't get enough sleep ( or food ), i'll feel very 'mang zang'. And when i feel 'mang zang', i will lose my 'vogue-ness'. ;(


p/s : not sure if it's the dust or what, i sneezed not less than 50 times in the past 30mins.... double pek chek...!!

pp/s : just got a call.. the new gym wants to take a short video of me conducting the class, to put in their promo clip... and asked me to wear nice-nice ... now dunno what to wear tomorrow ... triple pek chek !!!


  1. use ear plug lor.

    I don't have the luxury to sleep a lot coz i will have headache :P

  2. 这几天在放读书,也听到不少噪音。
    hammering here drilling there...
    btw, i like to sleep !
    especially take nap at noon
    but i only did it everytime i was in hostel la

  3. Most importantly, get your beauty sleep. You'll look fabulous in anything.

  4. 8 hours sleep is a must for me..
    if not, pls stay away from me.. hahaha..
    the vogueness is come naturally from inside no matter wat u wear.. so dun worry..
    erm.. or mayb do a mask b4 sleep?
    haha.. anyway , good night superstar.. =D

  5. Any tights will look good on you! ;)

  6. wah... wear latino sexy wear. :P

  7. 不习惯睡午觉 除非有不舒服的感觉

  8. ABANG, 那么好命,还可以午睡哦!

  9. how about sammi's concert suit?

  10. karen .. tak boleh la.. wont feel comfortable one.. got ear plug.. ;(

    alive .. i dun really like sleeping... but nowadays dunno why.. feel sleepy la..

    takashi .. famous apa? just a short clip only ma.. not whole thing mine oso ;p

  11. william .. beauty sleep? i always have problem to get a quality sleep.. it won;t help geh ..;p

    eunice .. i think i oso la.. 8hours minimum.. superstar.. u calling me? u really over estimated me la ;p.. but i like....lol

    ant .. cannot la.. tights will just show all the layers on my abs...;p

  12. bong .. latino? why le? i am not doing latin dance what... if latino stuff.. i'lll wear lots of feathers.. bagi kau kau punye over...lol ;p

    anthony .. lats time i oso dun like.. cos after nap i normally will feel headache ;p

    single .. cos i got no job la.. thats y ;(

    l .. that one i let you have the honor la.. since u r her super fan..:)


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