Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm loving it ...

I used to be a fan of Ayam Goreng McD ( the spicy one ), but nowadays i kinda switched to Double Cheese Burger. Not sure what happened, but just loving the tenderness of beef patty.

As i was having my value meal today, i suddenly thought of a incident happened yearssssssssss ( at least 15 ) ago. I was in a CNY gathering with a bunch of secondary school friends in McD. As we were leaving, one of my friend took her tray to the trash counter and throw all the leftovers and tissues. She said that we should do that .. menjadi insan yang BERMORAL lah konon..;p

So i did. But i was too naive then. I took the tray to the counter and slot the rubbish in the trash bin ... TOGETHER WITH THE TRAY ! ( Stupid kan? ;p )

pa dup pa pa pa ~

My McD's meal evolution ...
Mc Chicken ~ Big Mac ~ Ayam Goreng McD ~ Double Cheese Burger ( current )

What's your favorite McD meal ?


  1. double cheese burger and spicy checiken duluxe~ =P

  2. Big Mac.....
    but i'd rather have Burger King.

  3. i heart beefburger. a la carte summore. cut off those fries, wanna cut down carb lah konon. hahahahahhaahahah

  4. I always love double cheese burger. All time favourite!!!! But cutting it off lately, mau body cantik. Now I miss it..:(

  5. fillet-o-fish~ yummy :)

  6. kokhua .. right? the beef is so yummy... of cos the pickles is a plus point la :)

    ant .. i love BK whooper.. but sometimes too full after a BK meal.. very filling la ;p

    single .. what to do? mouth want to eat.. mind cannot control? ;p

  7. tagnan ... i'm constantly in a 3month old pregnant shape what.. cannot see meh?

    william .. really that good meh? next time wanna try liao...:)

    bong .. cut off carb wor.. a bit fake lo.. once a while nvm one la :)

  8. ky .. tak apa la.. u still got the shape ma.. worse come to worse just blind them with ur high voltage eyes ;p

    l .. believe it or not? FOF is the least favourite meal .. dunno la.. looks a bit empty to me ;p

  9. Nowadays ppl only see body la, who wanna see eyes. Anyhow, lalat pun takde satu sekarang.

  10. ky .. then its time to put on some sh*t on u.. cos i heard... lalat suka hinggap kat tahi.. 烏蠅'now'屎

  11. LOL, buang orang punya tray!

  12. freedom .. i'm innocent ma.. dunno ma no guilt lo ;p


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