Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the book ...


I was complaining to the GX manager about the sticky ghost, and somehow at the end of the story ... i cursed. ( 屌 ~ ) She was so shocked and commented :
" Danny, 原來你會罵粗口的噢?!"

OMG! I am actually quite surprise there's still people thought that i don't curse. Don't you think that my look is so suitable to curse? I mean i know my face is quite unfriendly and lan-si most of the time. And you don't expect good things to come out from my mouth. ( lasering, bitching and cursing is a package ) ;p

Funny huh? When people look at me, they always felt that i am a clubbing kaki but i am not. Then, they thought that i am a good boy when i curse a lot. I guess i am just a book with VERY INTERESTING contents huh? ;p

Do you think your book cover matches your content? :)


  1. 那些客家粗口你讲到不讲啦~

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  3. My cover matches the content, just take I have a misleading jacket. :P

  4. Totally not :)

    1) People thought I can't cook.
    2) People thought I rented a room.
    3) People thought I club every week.
    4) People thought I'm a top. Opps.
    5) People thought I don't do classes, what more teach.

  5. next time,u must write in ur face.show u r friendly,kind,patient...haha

  6. no, not at all, does not match at all! i know am weird, but trying to improve thought. @@

  7. erm...
    when i meet new ppl , they dun believe am uni student..
    when they offer me cigarette , they dun believe i dun smoke.
    when they ask me out too frequent , they dun believe i like to chill at home.. =D

  8. people thought i'm malay. 0.o

  9. 都知你虚有其表架啦.. hehe.. :p

  10. 没听过,下次骂来听听 ;p

  11. alan .. u oso hakka .. dun pretend u dunno any of them hokay? ;p

    william .. misleading? err.. in a good or bad way? wonder if i shld change my jacket once a while..lol ;p

    eric .. wow.. it seems that u really have a cover that is so salah huh? but as long as u r happy.. who cares kan ? :))

  12. stacey .. err... i dun do friendly, kind and patient look one.. they just not my style..lol ;p

    anthony .. i think its more interesting to have a slightly dif cover and content kan? so that ppl will get surprise every page they flip :))

    eunice .. probably ur 'wet girl' look is too strong la.. hahaah ;p

  13. bong .. malay? dun think so la.. but if u say u r those mixed sabahan or sarawakian.. i might believe la :)

    chris .. of cos i hv to la.. if not how to cari makan worr.. cannot be so boring and str forward one...lol ;p

    yee .. i curse very rhythmic one.. dun believ? ask alan.. got melody lagi...lol ;p

  14. single .. that one of the advantages being a visual merchandiser.. cos i know how to present myself.. at my best la ( at least )

  15. Actually you look a bit tame la, without your mouth opened. Once cakap, ya allah!!!!
    My book cover, obviously doesn't match with my content. My content is far more interesting and exciting than my cover. Hehe...

  16. KY seems to know you.
    It is better to be different from the cover in a good way.
    Being mysterious can be interesting.
    My cover can be same as my content, and also can be different

  17. You look so tame, I thought you wld hv pull out the silk fan to cover your face when speaking. lolz

  18. ky .. once bukak mulut?.. terlalu CHANTIK kan? lol ;p.. i think the whole Asia oso know that ur content is very much lari from ur cover.. seems got lots of printing error huh? LOL ;p

    nana .. ky is actually talking abt himself la.;p agree that being mysterious is more fun.. than so predictable one..:))

    ant .. silk fan? so cina.. i prefer lace fan lo...lo..white color worr.. like those in victorian era ones...;p


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