Tuesday, August 31, 2010

malu-nyerrr !!!

I was at TF Giza for a replacement class. When i reached the reception counter, i showed the guy my instructor card. He looked at the card, then me ... totally blank. Then i looked back at him ( with my eyes ) ...

" What? You new here? Can't recognize an instructor card? "

He replied with his eyes as well ...

" Yes sir. But what is that? Celebrity Fitness? "

Then only i realized that i flashed him my Celebrity Fitness Instructor Card, when i am actually at True Fitness. Ya Allah. Sungguh memalukan!!! Luckily i only scolded him "with my eyes", not verbally. If not sure ' dapat kemaluan yang lebih besar!!! '

So now i know. Not only i am not good in multitasking, i am sometimes nyanyuk too. Maybe the nyanyuk-ness arrived earlier than the age. ;(

I think i might need to start doing some exercise to make me more alert.
Any suggestions?



  1. Wakakaka. Next time combine all your cards. Sure one will be correct!

  2. Eat gingko!Aiyaaa, sign of ageing lah, accept it!

  3. wah bro, already say you very efficient and productive lah.. so fast already a new post though just seen you few hours ago.. luckily still sempat to comment today..

    ok lah, this is not so memalukan lah.. if you are paying at a posh restaurant and show the waiter your IC instead of credit card, that is more memalukan lor..

  4. dapat kemaluan yang lebih besar... hahahahah....
    ehh.. i'll be there on coming saturday... ^_^

  5. Dude, what to shame off ... just a small mistake :p

  6. william .. cannot la.. later ppl thought i show off.. lagi malu lah ;p

    yaz .. or maybe i shld go out lesser with older ppl huh? ;p

    sk .. luckily i put all my cards n ic in a dif compartment .. ;)

  7. paul .. this saturday huh? ooo.. for the launch issit? will try to make time to meet u :)

    tz .. cos i was so confident and almost scold him ma...lol ;p

  8. Small mistake...but actaully hor, a bit mengsiasuikan! lolz

  9. 少少出错而已,看开些啦。
    但是, 别用那个字kemaluan,

  10. I want to tell you a story and sure you have no more hesitation !

    All the cards in my wallet are in blue, RHB ATM Card, Public Bank ATM Card, Bonus Link Card & Celebrity Fitness Card as well ...

    Tiba-tiba i show the bonus link card and RHB card to the fitness receptionist ... what was going on ? they laugh loh !!!

    ... sometime i insert bonus link card when withdraw money at RHB ATM machine

  11. ant .. what u mean by ' a bit'? its A LOT lah.. cos i am the instructor there ;p

    single .. err.. i'm sure what i wrote is not what u think ...lol tsk tsk tsk ;p

    duncan .. thats is ok.. if u dun wear a ' apa pandang-pandang? buat kerjalah.. ' face ... LOL ;p

  12. Muahahahahhaahhahaahhah!!!!!



    So funny~

    U make my day...

  13. ian .. hmmm.. u r so easy to satisfy horr? ;p

  14. start play mahjong lar....!!

  15. Just by imagine it already make me want to dig a hole to hide.... hahaha.... really malu nya.......

  16. keo .. err.. fyi, i grew up in a mahjong family... ;p

    ed .. hmm.. this is more like teasing than supporting horr? ;p


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