Sunday, October 3, 2010


I think small bugs like to fly into my mouth and make me choke. Is it the due to the width of my mouth? Or maybe my big mouth looks like some black hole to them. Too attractive that they just got sucked into it.
It happened a few times when i was in the class. I choked and can't cue for a few minutes. So embarrassing. :(

How to avoid it lah?
Don't ask me to keep my big mouth shut, cos that's not an option! ;p

Do you think that i was a LIZARD in my past life?
Or that pokok periuk kera? LOL ;p


  1. still ok lah, you just eat the bugs instead, they will die in your stomach..

    i've a bad experience long time ago when a cockroach crawled inside my ear!!! in and out inside the ear trying to find a way out, that's excrutiatingly painful you know??

    so does that mean i am a 大耳窿?? LOL

  2. Why are there bugs in the gym?

  3. Attraction of flies ~ hehe

  4. yucks........disgusted leh...
    u can try put high frequency sounds to chase those bugs away.....lolz

  5. 大菌吃细菌!哈哈哈哈! :)

  6. most bugs attracted to light, may be you shine like a star, so bright...

    mosquito attracted to heat, may be you are hot, that no one could resist...

  7. sk .. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww... now i know who to ask when i need ;p

    legolas .. dunno lah.. some bugs sesat at shopping centre kot.. lol ;p

    duncan .. not flies la.. flies are too big.. just some small bugs.. and sometimes dust ;p

  8. william ... dunno le... but how can't still cannot suck in more money one? ;p

    keo .. high frequency sound? like doing the mariah carey's 海豚音 while teaching in the class? lol ;p

  9. sexy .. u really think that i am a virus meh? but at least i'm spreading fun virus ;p

    jsutin .. wow.. u really know what to say to make ppl float in the air huh? thats how u compliment ur members in the class? ;p

  10. no la, i dont simply praise people geh.

  11. lol/// hw does it taste like?

  12. You sure looked like a big flower to the bugs! Or maybe a trash bin! LOL

  13. What have u eaten? Mouth attract bugs...

  14. justin .. tqvm then :))

    bong .. next time i catch n let u try :))

    twilight .. err... then i prefer big flower lo... lol ;p

    tz .. dunno leerrr...


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