Wednesday, July 20, 2011

honesty is the best policy.

I was in the lift with a little girl and her mommy. The lift door opened, and they went out. The little girl turned back to me and said :

" Kor-kor, bye-bye. "

It's been a while since i last called kor-kor by kids. Cos most of the time their parents will ask them to call me uncle. Well, i have to agree with the theory of " KIDS ARE THE MOST HONEST HUMAN BEING ON EARTH." lol ;p

Little girl, you certainly made my day. :)


  1. "Kor-kor, hello !"

    Lol...pretty sure got people cannot sleep already tonight.

  2. yeah !
    kid never lie ~~
    so ...u r Kor Kor !!

  3. hahaha kids can be adorable when they are not screaming, crying, puking & whining. :P

  4. I thought only we women are vain, looks like you guys are no different!! :)

  5. Being called 'kor-kor' by little girl is actually nothing.

    Being thought of as your hubby's daughter, or your sister/sister-in-law's (they are all just a few years your senior) daughter beats them all, Hahaha.... and you know who I am talking about!!! Vain, vain, vain......

  6. ok, from now on i'll address you as kor kor..

  7. I'll have to remind myself to address you as "siow ti" at the next Yuen meet! lolz

  8. chenxing .. kuai..;p

    chai .. yes? ;p

    justin .. huh? tot we are almost the same age?

  9. matthew .. ya lo ya lo.. thats the only thing i lke about kids..llol ;p

    paul .. that kid not blind geh ;p

    jboy .. TOTALLY AGREE ! ;p

  10. jade .. aiya .. ppl just want to be happy maa.. ;p

    ant .. no need .. just call me danny

    bong .. kuai :)

  11. You look like a teenager to me ok. Maybe a Danny Button.

  12. twilight .. TEENAGER? okok remind me to buy u dinner :))


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