Monday, July 4, 2011

Project Runway : me GAGA-ed

There's a contest in town where you can win 2 free passes to watch Lady Gaga. All you have to do is send in a picture of you doing Lady Gaga. Tunggu apa lagi, i came up with something right after i found the details of the contest.

What do you think of the below ensemble?

Can you see the elements that i took from the storyboard?

I had the opportunity to watch my Goddess ( Kylie, if you still dunno ;p ) in person last week. Praying so hard that i can watch my sister too. You all must pray for me ok? Cos it's a pass for 2 ( plus free trip & everything paid )


  1. mememe... :)
    I am the 1st one to 报名!

  2. should dress in it and post the pic! ;) then it's easier to see the elements. XP

  3. All the best!!!

    Add more sharp stuff. :)

  4. 批一身猪红啦不如

  5. I agree with Medie. I'll decide after I see you in it.

  6. nice nice... ^^ wear this to dance Judas ^^

  7. OMG!I'm very 看好 you , amazing work!

  8. yas .. huh.. u really fast horr? ok will consider la.. cos u r quite a nice traveling buddy :)

    bong .. got la.. but not going to post here la.. later scares away everybody..;p

    chenxing .. kamsia :) pray for me ok? ;p

  9. chai .. thanks .. will do.. maybe i'll add mirror pcs to make it more bling :)

    alan .. can i put u on me instead? i think it's more surreal lorr.. ;p

    william .. that one will only be published if i won the so fast fast pray for me la ;p

  10. adrian .. gd gd .. as long as got look GAGA'ish' ..:)

    colorblind .. maybe i'll wear it for the edge of glory lo.. more grand ;p

    kokhua .. haha .. u hvnt see the work of other contestant lagi lerr...

  11. Wow!!! A dress! And shows legs some more!!! Mesti hot hot hot... Should show us the photo for the competition mah.... Siap with hair and make ups. :)


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