Wednesday, July 27, 2011

get up !

Ok ok. Enough with the sickness. Enough with the tiredness. Enough with the laziness.

It's time to get up and be busy again after resting for 3 days. Todays mission :
~ to clear all the pending mess from the past few weeks
~ to prepare all the long overdue artwork / proposals
~ choreograph new steps for class ( i'll been canceling classes since 2 weeks ago )
~ clean my house !!!

But before that, i'll have to go and buy a pair of black shoes that i'm been eyeing for weeks. Sebagai hadiah pengubat sakit ... zahir dan batin. ;p But i always have 1 very BIG concern. Not sure if the high cut shoes will make my not-so-long legs looks.. err.. even-not-longer? Do you think i can carry this shoes?

Will be busy setting up the RAYA window display from next week onwards. And yes, the Ramadhan Bazaar is back. Can get all the yummy stuff liao.. People sibuk puasa, i sibuk berbuka. LOL ;p


  1. Why do we always have messy homes? Let me know your display location and I wanna go see them okei....

  2. Kalau nak panjangkan kaki, pendekkan seluar.

  3. Lucky you, you have rested! Good luck with the fresh start!

  4. Yeah !!! That's the spirit !

  5. just wear the high cut shoes with a baggy cargo pants. b-boy yo!

  6. U also like to buy shoes?

  7. Well, i am not prefer the high cut shoe ... a very good reason to buy something for yourself as reward :) enjoy the time, and happy ramadhan in advance :P

  8. twilight .. aiya .. my display job all too low for your taste la, not worth checking out one ;p

    william .. kalau nak pendekkan seluar, sampai nampak bontot pun kaki tak panjang ke mana ;(

    webbie .. thanks .. u too :)

  9. chenxing .. yup yup.. u too.. cheers :)

    bong .. b boy? can i do V boy instead? as in vogiu boy? ;p

  10. chris .. i'm very disappointed with u lo.. now only u know i'm a shoe freak ah? ;p

    duncan .. it so easy to find a reason to buy shoes... selamat berbuka puasa to u :)


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