Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I'm desperately looking for 'church choir robe' as the costume for my project. I tried so many costume rental shop, but they only have limited pieces. I tried to look for friends from churches, and they don't have it. I need 6 pcs, in any color ( preferably bright colors ) EXCEPT black.

Anyone have any contact with any church goers that have those robe in the choir that i can loan/rent? Or where else can i look for? I need it quite urgently as the event is end 2 weeks from now.

Please ... can anybody help me? Thank you in advance and ... GOD BLESS. :)

If don't have church choir robe, graduation robe pun jadilah. As long as it's not bath robe. ;p


  1. Holy Mary. Who could loan you so many robes that are supposed to be worn for holy services and not Gaga shows. LOL

  2. Churches here 'em hing' I think. Catholic Churches have robes, but they don't put in those pleats. Straight cut.

  3. Just go to Mydin, get them to cut 6 large pieces , and cut a round hole (for the head) in the middle of each piece ;)

  4. time to say a prayer indeed!

  5. twilight .. come on la.. i dun always do diva show ;p its for the company's annual dinner la ;p

    william .. yeah .. so hard to find those robes here.. :(

  6. ant .. i'll do that if they juts give me RM5 per head la.. how i can i do that to a client? ;p

    bong .. indeed !


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