Tuesday, July 5, 2011


FYI, i went to BKK with someone who is quite well known ( Chinese celeb lah konon ). So while we were waiting to board the flight at the holding room, i saw a bunch of lalas looking and pointing at us, then came to us. One of them asked my friend if they can take picture with him. He agreed, and i quickly walked away ( as usual ).

But one of the lalas asked me to join them, no need to go away. I politely answered him :

" Never mind, he is the celeb ( although i'm the real diva ;p ). Just take picture with him will do. "
( 不用緊,他才是celeb。跟他拍就好。)

Will you feel weird to be in a picture that obviously you are not the wanted one?

Actually there's another reason why i don't join them in the picture. It was early in the morning ... muka i masih tembam lagi. LOL ;p


  1. hahaha.... muka masih tembam lagi....

    sure they saw u hensem so they invited you to join them ^^

  2. You are already very famous in KL. You didn't know that????

  3. The celeb did not have muka tembam?

  4. haha, dun want jadi light bulb la~

  5. Of course they wanted you; they saw your sexay butt!

  6. But then it's his fame...mine will come one day...


  7. 3 seconds of fame wor... at the side lah konon. :P

  8. colorblind . me hensem? with the muka tembam? unless they r lala n blind la...lol ;p

    twilight .. really? but KL only meh? i can i have Ampang & Klang too..?

    william .. the celeb got big celeb sunglasses to cover the tembam-ness ma...;p

  9. kokhua .. not really la.. just dun get the point of being in the pic :)

    ant .. err.. i was sitting wor.. like that oso can see ahh? ;p

  10. chenxing .. hokay.. i dun really get what u mean :)

    bong .. err.. tak nak la... i can get my own fame ..;p


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