Thursday, July 28, 2011

weird? or caring?

Normally when you meet a new client / friend / anyone, what do you say at the end of the meeting?

" Nice meeting you. " ?
" Hope to see you again. " ?
" Keep in touch. " ?

Quite common right? But what if someone that you've just met say this to you ...

" Drive carefully. "

Do you think it's weird?
I think it's very weird lorr .. as if he/she is trying to curse me ( in a sarcastic way ;p )


  1. I also feel that "be careful" sounds more like a curse. XD

  2. normal lor. nothing weird ma..

  3. william .. or is it bcos we always curse ppl that way?

    paul .. i'll make sure i say that to u next time i see u ;p

    bong .. thats y i think its bcos i normally say that to curse ;p


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