Friday, July 8, 2011

enough is enough !

I was very excited when i first heard these songs. But after a while it got bored when everybody / everywhere is playing them out loud. And now, i'm officially sick of them.

Below are my TOP 3 SICK SONG ( for now ) :

1) On the Floor ( J Lo )

2) Marry You ( Bruno Mars )

3) The Edge of Glory ( Gaga - 姐妹都無情講!!! )

1 & 2, cos we're using it for some performance. Can you imagine dancing to it over and over again since early June? ;p
3, i did this song for my class too many times ( member requested to repeat ) .. a bit jelak liao...

So, what is your TOP 3 Sick Songs?


  1. I kenot tahan "Marry You" already. At too many weddings.

  2. JLo: hit on the floor (don't think it is nice, but really sick for it due the song been playing everywhere ...)

  3. Use you are a whore pulak lah

  4. ya really been sick of:-
    on the floor, marry u, judas.

    currently obsessed wif,
    hold it against me, till the world end remix, n "everyday i'm shuffling" !! =D

  5. am sick of:

    All of Lady Gaga's song (I think she's over-played on the radio)

    Everything Justin Biblek (i don't get why people love pre-pubertal boy's voice)

  6. Err..mine one would be Britney - I Wanna Go, David Guetta - Where Dem Girls At ? and One Republic - Good Life.


  7. Now i'm in to Britney latest song... Till the world ends. :)

  8. Wow! [On the Floor] really "sick" of it! [S & M] - Rihanna, [Americano] - lady gaga, [Alexandra Stan] - Mr Saxo Beat... :)
    all suit for dance!

  9. william .. its the same disaster when the song 明天你要嫁給我 just came out annoying kan? ;p

    duncan .. agree.. actually i was attracted to it bcos of the lambada tune ;p

    paul .. i'll use thta if i dun want to teach at the gym anymore ;p

  10. l .. oh ya .. this one too :)

    eunice .. err.. till the world end ( remix ) oso in my list lor.. just behind a bit ;p

    bong .. its kinda hard to listen to radio these days.. cos every hour u'll get the same songs :(

  11. chenxing ., woww .. is that ur top 3 sick or top 3 fav?

    tz .. sick of it? or loving it?

    zidane .. yup... all those dance beat... a bit over liao

  12. I have almost lost interest in new songs! What grandma I am!

  13. any taylor swift or jonas bro or miley cyrus song! hate hate hate them!!


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